Friday, September 17, 2010

If you can't stand the heat...

get out of Arizona.

I had planned on making this weekend a billion times better than last. Because it punched me in the gut, put gum in my hair and stole my popsicle.

So I started mentally putting things together, those things being:

1. Big Love+couch+nomnomnoms (we're at the Season 3 finale disc!) either in the morning or evening (I like to do things in the afternoon, makes me feel productive).
2. Children's Museum? followed by a spot of sushi? (we have this place called Sushi Garden down here that has this afternoon buffet and it's amazing! Usually I'm wary of any buffet but this place tested well among the panel (Greg and Jack).
3. Maybe a visit to the in-laws in which I usually walk out with a good buzz (they like wine and conversation which makes for endless refills of pinot grigio).
4. Get dolled up at some point in anticipatory fall clothing.

And then as I started visualizing a visit the park I decided to check out what the weather was looking like for the weekend-

That's not photoshopped people! That is in fact Tucson mid-September. WOMPWOMPWOOOOMP...

So we'll see how all those plans turn out. Sigh....just as I fished out my herringbone tights from my underwear drawer.

But at least I have this guy-

* For some reason when I upload videos via Blogger they turn out all crappy looking. So I apologize in advance.
** I think he watches his father and I talking on the phone more than I thought as noted by the circle walking (I can't just sit and chat I need to be doing something as well).


Chelsea said...

I too can't wait for fall.
96 is better than 110!
Vegas heat sucks ass too.... I cant WAIT to open my windows and sleep bundled under blankets in the winter. that's my favorite.

Your little man is such a monkey. How sweet is he!
Have a good weekend.

Amanda said...

110 is disgusting! AAARGH! This is where Portland and Seattle start looking like mighty tasty living places. I'm so tired of the desert right now.

And he's totally a monkey. He needs his own exhibit at the zoo.

LL said...

I so understand. I grew up in PHX. Now when I go back to see family leaving the awful heat is all I can think about. I could NEVER live there again. Colorado spoiled me with all it's greenery and cool sunshine.