Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I know I posted on how wonderful this IUD has been but apparently I DID jinx myself. The cramps haven't been horrible, barely even adequate enough to really complain about (I've learned to just pop a few ibuprofen before I start up on a bitchfest) but whoooooooaaa....WHOA!

------------------------------TMI ALERT! TMI ALERT!---------------------------------

I'm bleeding like a sieve! It's insane. Insane enough to have to change a SUPER tampon every hour or so. Insane enough to have to change clothes...twice. How somebody can go on like this without dying or at least getting a little faint is, I don't know, supernatural. And not in a cool way. I feel like a freak. And I feel a little bummed because for awhile there I was tooting this IUD's horn like a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader. All "I feel so great" and "pssshht I feel bad for anybody on anything else. This thing is the tits!" And THIS happened.

I have my 4 week check up tomorrow so my doc can see if things are still peachy with the IUD and it's placement, and this will mark the THIRD time I've seen her with a great big red welcoming wagon.

I know I was told the first few periods would be heavy, so I'm really hoping this is normal.

I just had to vent somewhere. Oy...the joys of being a woman.


Miss Wendy said...

Your situation sucks, so sorry about that, but holy crap this blog made me laugh out loud.

I also know the horrors of severe bleeding due to my being a lady....it lead to anemia and a desire to punch every man I see in the balls because dammit, it's not fair.

Love your blog btw, found it on The doe or the deers link-a-palooza. Following.....

Amanda said...

Thanks! I'm glad people can find a laugh in this, I totally meant this to be funny because if I don't laugh it the situation I'll cry.

Oh! And I LOVE your blog's name. I'm a huge Dresden Dolls fan. A post on them to come soon!