Friday, August 6, 2010

In Bullet points and Pictures

I think I have bloggers blogk (see what I did there). I hate when I have ideas rattling around in the attic and I can only faintly see the outline of them. It leads to a lot of fluffy posts and that's not really how I want this blog to go. Look at these shoes! TAKE ME SERIOUSLY DAMNIT! Oh, a kitten! Anyway, since I'm trying to get unstuck here is yet another fluff post *buries her head in the desk and mumbles*.

*The job thing still isn't working out. I don't want to talk about. Unless of course you want to see me foam at the mouth.

*I've had my Paragard IUD in for about a month now and I must admit- not too shabby. I don't want to jinx myself here but things have been great. No hormonal outbursts (unless you count my Latin temper but that's a pre-existing condition), more energy (I even tried running again while at the park), overall it's been pretty sweet. And I've learned to just not read message boards about IUDs anymore. They just psych you out. Just because somebody has a certain experience doesn't mean you will. I wish I could have those hours of worrying about bleeding rivers and other ovarian horrors back. The cramping after placement was pretty gnarly, yes. And I expect that this upcoming period isn't going to be too pleasant (right now my right ovary feels like it has heartburn) but whatever, pop some Motrin, bear down and wait it out. Plus! And maybe this is TMI, but uh, the product of intercoursing is like

with a side of

I'm not sure if it's the lack of hormones or something, but I'm not going back. I'M back! Thank you modern medicine.

*Jack has been rocking our socks off. He's actually saying little phrases now which is awesome. He tells his panda and Greg "I lu you" a lot (but not me mind you, because the bitch that actually brought him into the world is chopped liver it seems) and he points out things on his own and says their names. I didn't even know he knew "sky" but sure enough as we were laying in the grass at the park he pointed up in the air and said it. He's been such a light at the end of the daily tunnel of stress and obligations and disappointments. It's kind of magical how he can simply run in a circle while making farting noises and we instantly put our aggravation in check. Because farting noises! And circle running! And we're missing out on simple pleasures by being to sucked up in the race or our own heads. Lets build homes for stuffed animals with blocks! He saves us sometimes, he really does.

*Things I want to write about soon- The desperate need for anonymity I feel a lot, marriage and that whole roller coaster, more "________ and Me" posts, Things I've Learned From Men.

*Here are some pics!

Nap time is the new happy hour.

Some random picture of one of the walls in Jack's room.

I'm wondering if pigtails are acceptable past the age of 8 and in public. Care to settle the debate? Pigtails- Yay or Hell Nay? I won't be hurt. Pardon my really bad complexion, the humidity here is making me break out.

I thought I was being all clever when I took this, but this little rearranging of our spices turned into a joke only I seemed to be laughing at. Whatever gets me through cooking though.

And here's a few songs I've been listening to constantly and to the detriment of my family's sanity-

Makes me think about taking out my fringed flapper dress for a night at Congress.

That is all!


Awesome Alicia said...

I do pigtails still. well when my hair's long enough. usually I did them when my hair's too short to put in one ponytail but just long enough to put in pigtails. I like them though. think it shows a young, fresh, playful lady.

Maggie May said...

you and Jack are ridiculously good looking.

Chelsea said...

I think your pig tails are very cute actually!

don't you love when they start to pick up on thing like saying "I lu you!" so cute!

(his sleeping pic is soooooo adorable!)

Amanda said...

Well thanks ladies! I suppose I'll rock the pigtails around the town more often. I wish I could do fishtails, but alas I am sort of unskilled in that department.