Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fiddle Faddle

A quick update on the mundane-

1. I've been on this new form of birth control (Yasmin) since Sunday. The first couple days were fine and I thought I was going to get away scot-free...until two days ago. It seems like my body isn't what it used to be when it comes to the onslaught of hormones. When I was in high school I got on the pill and everything was, in fact, sunshine and rainbows. No mood swings, no nausea, bigger boobs and no weight gain and no babies! Now, well, lets just say I feel like I'm reliving my pregnancy all over again. I feel lethargic, nauseous although I'm not outwardly puking just feeling exhausted and unable to eat anything for fear of upchuckery, slight headaches, and although the nausea is there all I want to do is eat Eegee's. Anytime I crave Eegee's this hard I fear I'm pregnant because in Tucson Eegee's is kind of like the pregnant woman's holy grail for that first (hell, second AND third if you're me) trimester. Every woman I've known here that's been pregnant can attest to this fact. So here I am, the girl with the phantom pregnancy. I'll be calling the gyno and scheduling an appointment for Paragard. Because hormones are the devil and I can't afford, both financially and physically, to eat at Eegee's three (or four) times a day.

2. Jack is actually using some words now! Finally. He's also discovered that he can open the fridge and we've had a few instances lately where one of us will be doing something, turn around and there Jack stands with a pack of Tillamook cheese slices hurting for some sharp cheddar and we're like "wtf?! How did you get those?! Oh yeah, you're getting smarter. Like the velociraptors in Jurassic Park."

3. I'm on the job hunt...and it sucks. In case you've been living under a rock, the pickin's as far as jobs in this economy be slim. I'd like to get a job at Buffalo Exchange because well, duh! Except for the fact that Greg pointed out- "you'd probably just spend your whole paycheck in the store anyway." But I feel that's selling me a little short. It would probably only be about half of my paycheck. I may write this in the application. "This would be good for the both of us."

4. Our AC went out yesterday and today it's been told that the temps are going to climb up to 101 degrees in our dear desert town. This makes me a sad panda.

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Mrs. Beer said...

"Oh yeah, you're getting smarter. Like the velociraptors in Jurassic Park."

I just laughed out loud, like, hard. Bahahaha. Comparing kids to prehistoric stuff is funny.

What's Eegees?! What kinda food does it have? Maybe you are pregnant! Take a test!

Amanda said...

The velociraptors where the only thing I could think of when he first started opening doors and stuff. Oddly enough, he has a big t-rex stuffed animal that he refuses to play with, I believe it's because raptors and Rex's are loathed enemies.

Eegee's....Eegee's is a glorious place. It's pretty much a local sub shop. Kind of like Subway except they also have these AMAZING frozen fruit drinks, kind of like huge slushier Italian ices with hunks of fruit in them. But the main attraction is The Ranch Fry- crinkle cut fries with ranch dressing and bacon bits. They also have a pizza and chili version of this.

Chelsea Robbins said...

I SERIOUSLY hate hormones. I haven't been on birth control in about 3 years-ish because it just kind of makes me a bit crazy-but since i had conrad, i've been super super naucious every month with splitting head aches (all symptoms of my first trimester of pregnancy) and I asked my doc about and she said some womans bodies just react that way after having a baby. Great, every month I think I'm pregnant..... anyway.

your posts are always funny! ~ and I love love love coconut records btw.

have a good weekend.