Tuesday, May 25, 2010

An Ode To Eliot

I was going to do another decor inspired by something, and it was going to be T.S. Eliot but it ended up sort of going in about nine different directions. So instead of just a decor I just decided to throw in everything that I saved in my folders that reminded me of him. Here you go-

First, the man-

The interior stuff-

I want a bookcase/hutch like this (found at Etsy) so bad it hurts! I love the look of books behind glass and a place to keep the random treasure/knick knacks you find along the way.

In practice, these look really awesome-

See. (Anthropologie)

A desk lamp for all those late night musings (Anthropologie).

Doorknob (I think changing the knobs/handles on something instantly perks up whatever piece of furniture/cabinet/door lacks in character).

I WILL have a gramophone one day. And if not, I WILL have one tattooed on my arm.

The Clothes-

The Toddler-


Molly said...

Those red shoes are pretty fantastic. I kind of NEED them.
But even more importantly, that last shot with the finger up your little one's nose is bust a gut funny.

Amanda said...

I know, I LOVE them! The kid too.

The shoes are from Anthropolgie, I was looking everywhere for a cool pair of feminine oxfords. These ones are like a dream.

Chelsea Robbins said...

oh my goodness, i was going to comment on something totally different like those amazing red shoes or how awesome a gramaphone would be tattooed but your amazingly geeky toddler is killing me. i want to squish him. such a sweetie pie.