Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Shiny Happy People


I'm not in a very good mood today. Disappointment abounds with people, opinions, ignorance and to quote Dashboard (if I'm going to get all "emo" here) "it's left me feeling tired and exposed."

Perhaps if I delete them from Facebook my mind will clear a bit, out of sight out of mind right?

...If only it was so simple.

Perhaps if I just skip over the negative comments.

...Why are there so many these days?

Maybe if I just don't care as much?

...Ah, but you've tried that route before.

I feel like I need a Xanax or something. A forcefield. An island. More wherewithal to not be so...altered...by stupid things.

So please excuse me as I take a few breaths. Take a time out and try to regroup. This is a negative post as it is and I don't want to bring too many more so I need to fix myself before I get to posting on the regular again. But first, first I needed to vent.

Step one accomplished.


Overthinking Mama said...

i hope things get better for you and your mood is uplifted! i know how hard it is to overlook neg things and focus on the positive... i really do hope things look up for you :-)

ps. i love your blog!

Molly said...

Negative Facebook stuff has a weird way of putting me in a funk too. I've hidden a TON of people because I'm sick of their whining - and I'm too passive aggressive to just de-friend.

On a positive note, I'm new to your blog and look forward to reading your positive OR negative stuff!

Chelsea Robbins said...

I think you're allowed to be pissed at the world every now and then.

it's all good. you'll snap out of it soon! Just as long as you're honest with yourself and dont just "put a smile on your face". I hate trying to act like i'm happy when i'm not...