Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jack: A Retrospective

In two short weeks he will be two. I have been shell shocked since the day he was born. Constant changes abound with children, life. Good, bad, mundane. All marked indelibly in our minds. Scarred on my torso, in my skin. Stains in the carpet, baby shampoo in our shower. Tiny versions of our world, living, breathing only braver. My mind keeps trying to play tricks on me with this son of mine. In trying to cradle him I am shocked back into reality with the weight of his will. I look back at pictures that seem so recent and turn to my left only to see a tiny face maturing. Folding up too small shirts to give away feels like a small death. Finding broken chrysalis'.
"It wasn't too long ago".

...It wasn't too long ago.

"Your clear eye is the one absolutely beautiful thing.
I want to fill it with color and ducks,
The zoo of the new"
From "Child" by Sylvia Plath


Adriana said...

it is unbelievable how quickly this all goes by isnt? congrats on hitting the 2 year mark.

Amanda said...

Indeed it does! And thank you!