Monday, March 23, 2009

Last night around the dinner table, we were discussing the big W, and the topic had drifted into the question of who would marry us. Greg and I aren't religious by any means. With Greg being a scientist persuaded more by logic, and with me being a recovered Mormon (using Heather Armstrong's terminology- great blog), we aren't really in the market for full fledged priest's or rabbi's and the like (unless of course I could use Woody Allen as a rabbi- I'd convert to Judaism in a heartbeat!). So who would be the one to do the deed?

We originally thought of one of Gregs brothers. Apparently you can get certified online for $150 to marry people. But then we'd have to pick between the two, which we both dislike the idea of. It wasn't until Greg's Aunt Elizabeth, started talking about this movement back in the day (60's-70's) where people were getting ordained into the Universal Life Church ( to marry friends and family. We all laughed and discussed. "Oh the 60's"... and I thought of such a church's clergy looking, well, like this-
Polyphonic Spree

And that they prayed to Mother Earth, the Sun, and Jimi Hendrix. But then Greg's father chimmed in with something surprising- he had been one of the many people that had been ordianed way back in the day. We laughed. We thought he was joking. We laughed some more when he actually brought out his licence.
So there we go. Thanks to his fathers actions in the late 70's (I'm assuming since it was before David, Greg's older brother, was born), we found ourselves the person who'd marry us.
He had been eating lasagna with us all along.

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