Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Fondue (Limited Holy-Crap-I-Actually-Have-A-Friday-Off Edition)

It's been awhile since I've done one of these posts and I was wary of doing another now that I'm working on a different computer (I currently use Colleen's MacBook and being a former Windows PC user I'm still getting the hang of things). But Pinterest I still browse* and music I still listen to, so I figured "why not?!"

*The more you know *insert rainbow*!

*Obsessed with awesome, pretty, swoon-worthy bathrooms lately (or maybe I just need a long soak in a bubble bath).

What would be on my Christmas wishlist? How about these babies-
* A plethora of adorable playsuits.
* Something that appeals to my gramophone fetish AND my i-tunes.
*Ummmm HER HAIR! Gahhhh gorgeous. I'm trying to resist running to the store for my trusty red dye.
* Always shoes, always.

* I adore Ryan's tales of his relationship with his lovely wife Cole. Such a hilarious and awesome couple.

* This Thanksgiving my roommates and I will be holding a vegan feast of friends before the actual holiday (Colleen has dubbed it "Thanksliving", yes, she is a vegan AND a punster). I'll be testing out my vegan cooking skills again by making vegan stuffing. I'll also be blogging the event, naturally.

Music Of The Week-
* I'm addicted to this song and it's video- "Jackson" by Stone Jack Jones.
* A cover of one of my favorite songs- "Heroes" covered by Magnetic Fields
* The always etherial Beach House with "I Don't Care For The Winter Sun".
* I never get sick of Bob- "Queen Jane Approximately" by Bob Dylan
* "Message To Pretty" by Love
* "The Radio's Hot Sun" by Handsome Furs

And a Happy Friday to you all!

*If you want to see what else I have pinned to walls, you can check me out on Pinterest here.

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