Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I am currently...

waking up from an hour and a half long nap. I'm shaking the discombobulation that comes with overdosing your body with sleep when you've been so used to not doing so.

I feel weird and yet grateful.

Colleen made me dinner last night and we drank red wine and watched American Psycho.

I drove home on the freeway in the rain and nobody was around. I rolled down the windows and let our monsoon air wrap itself around my face, cool and humid in equal measure; tires running over the wet asphalt, windshield wipers soothing in their consistency.

I felt weird and yet grateful.

I am currently being as languorous as the weather outside of my window.

And I am listening to this-

And I feel weird and grateful.

This has been one of the best couple days off in awhile. Blogworthy? Maybe not. But sometimes the little things need their due attention. This has been one of those times.


Adriana said...

you are awesome.

Molly said...

"But sometimes the little things need their due attention." Truer words, girly...