Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Haven't done one of these in awhile...

Since I'm just waking up and trying to get the brain moving enough to post a blog, I figured I'd try this idea I got from Molly.

The ABC's Of Me

Ambition- Publishing something.

Bad Habit- Smoking, on occasion (never at home or around Jack though).

City- Tucson, of course! Where else are you going to find sunsets like this-

Drink- Margarita. See City.

Education- School of Life, HS diploma

Food- Anything with an ample amount of carbs in it. I've been addicted to spaghetti since I was three. Sushi and Mexican food (being that I live in pretty much the best place aside from Mexico to get Mexican food).

Guilty Pleasure:

Sonoran dogs and trash TV (Real Housewives Of WHY ARE YOU WATCHING THIS?!)

Hometown- Technically Phoenix (was born there, moved at six), but my heart belongs to Tucson and I've lived here the longest.

Ice Cream- In moderation, as I am lactose challenged.

Jonesing for- Decadent relaxation (days by a pool, ample margaritas and nowhere to go).

Kryptonite- Buffalo Exchange and dapperness.

I get Natalie Portman the most, but I think those people may be smoking the hashish.

Movie- That's too hard. Maybe The Royal Tenenbaums. The Labyrinth. Almost Famous. See, I can't pick just one.

Nickname- Manda Mae, Sal, Mama.

Obsession- Music, Mad Men and going to have to agree with Molly on Pinterest. I'm also pretty addicted to stripes.


Quirk- I need to have noise at all times. I currently have my TV on in the other room and my music going on in here. I hate silence.

Regret- "Regrets are for horseshoes and handbags."- Tracy Jordan (30 Rock)

Starbucks- Venti macchiato or a green tea frappuccino (which I treat mostly like a milkshake).

Talent- Adept at the art of self deprecation and tomfoolery.

University- ...of Arizona is where I ALMOST went.


Mexico is a hop, skip and a jump. But I think I'm craving Seattle the most right now.

Wine- Pinot grigio

XXIX- Is how old I'll be in six years.

Years- 23

Zen- Sitting among my freshly cleaned apartment, with a book and some alone time.


Molly said...

"Real Housewives of WHY THE HELL ARE YOU WATCHING THIS?" BAhahahahahahaha!
Too too funny.

Thank you for making my tummy growl for mexican food. I am headed for chips and salsa (the closest thing I have resembling it in my house RIGHT NOW)

flyrish said...

I feel you on the decadent relaxation -- oh, how I miss those summers. And I can see the Natalie Portman thing, which is awesome 'cause she's gorgeous.

And now for a burrito and to contemplate doing this on my blog... said...

The Mexican food is Tucson is WAY better than what you can get in Mexico, at least restaurant-wise. The BEST best Mexican food, of course, is from your Nana.

Baby in Broad said...

I love this! Off to do one of my own instead of writing about my period again.

~ Noelle