Monday, June 20, 2011


* I haven't written anything in the verse/poetry realm in quite some time (about five years or so), until today. It was nice to stretch that part of my soul a bit.

She walked through with her belly peering under the shirt stretched thin with expectations
"Hide it away," I think
"Keep it safe."
Hide it from the heat that has everyone down here and the jobs that have everyone down here.
Hide it from the exhaust bouncing off the asphalt.
Hide it from the angry voices over the phone and the men with sad livers and sadder wives.
And if it's a girl hide her from the weight that sits on the shoulders of every woman who walks with grace simply to keep from the fall.
And if it's a boy hide him from the gamblers and the dealers and the men in suits bought with the souls of the freshly squeezed.
"Keep it safe," I inhale as the smoke hits the back of my throat and rolls out over my lazy mouth.
That weight is heavy and those suits are expensive and I pull at my shirt to cover the scars left behind from the one I know I can't keep safe forever.

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melanie said...

your blog is awesome! love it.