Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Fondue

Is it already Friday?!?! I've been enjoying a blissful week of nothingness (well, somewhat nothingness). We enrolled Jack into pre-school early so he could get used to it before I started work, which meant that I would have about eight child-free hours to myself. It was hard at first. The first day I almost buckled out of missing him and thought about picking him up by noon. But I phoned my sponsor and they were like "wtf?! You're home by yourself! Remember all those times you wanted a nap but couldn't take them for three years?! DO IT! DO IT NOW! You can finally go to the bathroom uninterrupted!"

And that's what I did this week. I went to the bathroom a lot. Not really. But I've been enjoying a relatively easy time. Basically, I've been doing this around the house all day. I consider it my summer vacation before my life turns into an absolute clusterfuck of commuting, training, also being a mom and tons of tiredness.

Anyway, here are some links!

Some darling frocks and such via Modcloth (is there anything that ISN'T darling on that site though?).
Your dad knew about that band way before you.
Genius Halloween costume idea!
Some Lookbook favs.
I want to try this and this so bad!
My future daughter?
I love me some kitchen nooks. As somebody who sips her coffee at a snails pace and enjoys flipping through a fresh Tucson Weekly, a cozy little nook would be a dream.

Música of the Week-

I know I posted a song by them last week but I'm obsessed. So here is "Swimsuit", "High School Lover" and "Deep Sea Diver" by Oregon Bike Trails.
"Not a Robot, But a Ghost" by Andrew Bird
Heard "Vicious" by Lou Reed at one of my favorite old haunts yesterday and it made my sandwich that much more spectacular!
A purdy little song- "Clementine" by Sarah Jaffe
"Hang Them All" by Tapes 'n Tapes
"Spell" by Slowdance

I hope you all have a Happy Mother's Day. I'm pushing for a macaroni bracelet this year. I'd rock that shit like it were Tiffany's. Plus it would display my undying love for pasta/carbs. If not I'll settle for maybe sleeping in until 7:45. Yes, THAT is sleeping in these days. Motherhood- I gave him my heart, he gave me penne.


Maggie May said...

oh Lloyd Dobbler, how i love you.

Valeria said...

Say Anything has got to be one of my favorites. I cannot believe how hard I fell for Lloyd Dobbler at age 16.