Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Johnny Depp- Talented, mysterious and handsome (and slightly pirate-y) DILF.

Dave Grohl- Rockin' DILF.

Paul Rudd- Hilarious and endearing (and seemingly ageless) DILF. He gets extra DILF points considering he named his son Jack! A DILF that can agree with me!

Paul McCartney- Sir DILF

Jason Bateman- NOT A CHICKEN DILF.

Julian Casablancas- Strokes DILF

And my personal favorite-

Jason Schwartzman- Record havin', porn 'stache rockin', music makin' DILF!

All images from here.

So take heed men. Your hotness level isn't about the car you buy it's about your willingness to rock a Bjorn and own it.

To the DILFs of the world- I salute you.


wonderchris said...

Great list!!

Eva said...

totally paul rudd

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Hell yes, there is nothing like a cute dad.

Chelsea said...

DILFS!!!! love it!

Paul rudd. Oh how I love thee.

Evie said...

Hey, now where's Julian Assange? ;}

Amanda said...

He can come too! DILFs for everybody!

signorina g. said...

I think johnny depp's son is also named jack if that makes him more dilfworthy (I was never into him, though)