Wednesday, December 8, 2010

On another note-

My mom is a total GILF.

Seriously. The lady cracked open her noggin one night (she tripped over her comforter and fell, hitting her head on the corner of her dresser and leaving a gash so gnarly I almost gagged when she showed me the picture. It was really messed up.) awhile back and she STILL looks awesome. Three kids and she's skinnier than I am. I'm hoping those Swede genes are going to tie me over until my 30's (she's in her 40's now) but I have a feeling everything is going to go to shit in about 5 years. I digress.

She's moving to California (Sacramento, I believe) on Sunday, joining in on an expanding list of people that have ditched me in the last couple months for greener, coastal pastures and summers that don't involve ass burns whenever you get into your car.

So adios mum! I hope California embraces you and you have many days and nights by the beach, visiting San Fran and enjoying reasonable temperatures.

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signorina g. said...

you sure do have good genes! I am so jealous of people with young parents, my mom was in her 40's when I was born (she is sixty-fucking-two now and I am 21). not fair :) ( your blog)