Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend Warrior-ing Episode II

Well, I survived (regarding the previous post and all the driving/running around)! There were a few minutes there where I thought otherwise, but I did it. Friday morning was the calm before the storm. I was feeling confident and ready but by 2 I was losing my steam. I really don't know how Syd managed to stay so calm and collected throughout the day arranging outfits, models, music, rehearsals, hair/makeup, etc. I was getting an ulcer just from the traffic on the way up to the show! I thought I was busy, she had to do all that PLUS everything I was doing! What a woman. I don't have any pics yet, I brought my camera but it ended up sitting in the bottom of my bag due to the mad rush of everything.

But I took pictures of the rest of the weekend-

This is my favorite shirt of his.

My hair was so filled with product from the show Friday that I just let it stay in it's 30's waves all weekend. There was just no point in fighting it. I had so many people messing with my hair all weekend (even Greg got it into his head that he wanted to braid my hair, an idea he got from Jack Donaghy on 30 Rock) that I just said "no more fingers on or around my head!" I played with hats instead and found them to be a good forcefield.

We discovered World Market was having a rug sale-

And paper laterns...

Which illuminated my "introspection corner" (which is still a work in progress).

Our house is such a hodge-podge...but then, so are we. I like too many things to settle for ONE theme. Now if I could just find a gramophone...

Here's some awesome things I found on the interwebs during my Sunday night "Online Oogling/Fantasy Drafting Of Interior, Clothing and Idea Things"-

Apartment Therapy eye candy here, here and here.

A blog I laughed at until I got all watery eyed.

Something I've started collecting. I'm going to be the "crazy music box lady"...and I don't care who knows it!

I'm ready to kick our red eye-sore of a couch (it's amazing the things you love suddenly become the things you loathe as time changes your taste)to the curb for something like this.

And a song. They're playing at The Rialto Wednesday and I'm hoping I can make it, but we'll see...


Molly said...

I'm a crazy music box lady too... my dad has gotten me one EVERY year for Christmas since my birth. I'm 34. That's a LOT of music boxes.

Whittles Wobble said...

I want your couch! My super red velvety couch is on its last leg and the battle with my bf is getting more intense to keep it. If you decide to sell it, PUH-LEASE give me a courtesy email (since we live in the same state and all...) I think your couch is outstanding, and you could put the funds toward your new modern angle-y couch (which is also fabulous) :D

Amanda said...

@Molly- That's awesome! I told my husband that giving music boxes to people every Christmas was going to be my new thing. You're dad is a wise man!

@Whittle Wobble- I will most definitely consider that! We'll have to save a bit so we can afford a replacement, but when we do eventually sell it I'll keep you in mind for the first person who gets it! It's pretty comfortable and really big (which is sort of why I want to get rid of it, I love that it's big, but it's too big for our place right now, which is a bummer). I'll keep in touch!

Amanda said...

I'm sorry that was supposed to be Whittles Wobble. With an "s" at the end. I hate when I get people's names/blog names wrong. I apologize!

Chelsea said...

I like the "introspective" corner.

My place is pretty random too. I get uncomfortable in places that are so put together and perfect that they end up looking like model homes. Very unoriginal and impersonal.

Whittles Wobble said...

Yessss!! You rock! And don't worry about the name thing. "Whittles" is the plural, so you were actually right on target. :D Must be that female intuition.