Wednesday, October 13, 2010

For those about to frock...

we salute you.

It's coming! Time to bust out the tights!

My previous Fall and Spring Fashion looks-

Fall '09

Spring '10

Summer '10

Hope to see you all again!


Katy said...

Loving your blog! I am super excited for fall fashion week as well!!! ;-)

Chelsea said...

You're my favorite fall fashionista to follow!

I have A LOT of fav's out there, but I feel like i'd have fun rummaging through your closet and finding something to borrow!

It shall be fun.
I've already started taking my pics to save them for later. Like when I have a reason to get dressed. I'd be pretty boring if you saw what I wear day to day in my mom uniform with crap all over me.

;) You are a beauty my friend!

Althea said...

Oh to see the very many fashionable mommies out there.
It truly gives me hope.
I am in love with your belt, btw.