Wednesday, September 15, 2010


According to the world the Autumn Equinox starts next week and I would be even more jazzed about Fall's arrival if I didn't know for a fact that Tucson usually reads the memo a month later than the New England early bloomers. But jazzed I am, nonetheless because it's going to be Fall soon and it's my absolute favorite time of the year!

It hit me when I saw this yesterday-

So in honor of Boots and Scarves Season here's a little early fondue post of fall clothes and a surprise.

Fall Outfit Numero Uno-





And viola! There is my first "If I Had The Cash" Fall outfit. I think I'm going to do one every week, or maybe every other day, so I don't overwhelm every post with a crapload of pictures.

My Fall wardrobe goals are-
1. Find a burnt orange/mustard cardigan.
2. Thigh Highs, which I'm semi-iffy on. I worry about having to always pull them up and saggage, but I think paired under a demure above the knee dress they're hot!
3. A different pair of boots and wedge booties.

And my surprise....

I made a mix for you!

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Hope you enjoy!


elb said...

I love that dress. Where is it from? Not that'd I'd have the money for it anyway...

Amanda said...

The dress is via Modcloth...actually now that I think of it the entire outfit is from Modcloth.

Molly said...

yes, yes, yes. I love this outfit. Can I have one too please??

I'm so excited to see your upcoming wish-upon-a-star outfit posts!!

Chelsea said...

That whole outfit is super hot. Love it.

*you have ben kweller on your play list. I saw him in concert sophomore year in high school. I had the biggest crush on him. I even bought a hoodie sweat shirt from his concert. No one knew who he was, I was kinda lame wearing it at school but whatevs. That was a fun show. You've always got great music!

Amanda said...

The Ben Kweller is actually a funny story...

Back when I was a rebellious youth, I was at a friends house and we all decided to..errr..partake in some herbal essences. And I'm not talking about the shampoo.

Anyway, I took this ginormous rip off a "water pipe" being the idiot I was and it knocked me on my ass. I spent about 4 hours clinging to their couch thinking the police were going to come and take me away and that my girlfriends were going to rape me (I don't know why!). It was BAD. Then this song came on and it just relaxed me, soothed my nerves and made me fall asleep and when I woke up it was all over.

I haven't smoked since then.

Thanks Ben Kweller!