Monday, May 17, 2010

Suki was a kid, she liked to hang out at the art school

Saturday night I went to support a dear friend* at an art exhibit. I left feeling semi-nervous because I have mixed feelings about art exhibits. I fear having to stand there and wax poetic about art that I just plain don't like (stuff like a blank canvas with a tiny red dot in the center or equally ridiculous). But once I got there I was very happy to see that all the art in the room was wonderful. They were all expressive, beautiful and you could tell that a lot of love went into them. I wished I could purchase quite a few actually.

I also took it as an opportunity to do an outfit post, so here's a "What I Wore" for Saturday-

Dress, shoes, belt- Buffalo Exchange
Fun Fact- My toenails have consistently been painted red for the last 3 or 4 years. I'm thinking of branching out to coral for the summer, and in the winter I mix it up with a deep, deep purple/plum.

*If you'd like to see some of the aforementioned friend's work you can see it here on his site-


Awesome Alicia said...

love the shoes - adorable.

Amanda said...

They are a PAIN though. I bought them because they were cute, despite them being a bit too small. After talking it over with two other older women who were bystanders we all agreed they were "short date" shoes. Wear them walking to the venue, then you get to sit and you can take them off in the car. There are times I sacrifice comfort for cuteness. These shoes are one of the best examples in my closet at the moment!

Mrs. Beer said...

Cute outfit! Love the belt!! Whenever I wear really uncomfortable shoes I think of it as me willfully enduring the payback of bad karma for something bad I did. Then I feel refreshed when I take them off like I got something productive done. Is that weird?

Chelsea Robbins said...

your hair is adorable!

Love the outfit as well girlie.

those shoes are pretty sweet as well.


Amanda said...

@Mrs. Beer- Nope, that makes perfect sense to me! I feel like more of a woman after long stretches in painful heels. Like I've turned my legs into brief sculptures for the evening, exhibited them and the pain equals a job well done. I also count it as exercise if I go up and down stairs frequently. Good for the glutes!

@Chelsea- Thank you! I've been converted from the curling iron to hot rollers. I love them because you can just set them, do your makeup and then let them loose. It's like killing two birds with one stone!