Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Well, we're back from Mexico and currently going through post-vacation blues. When one goes from seven days of amazing food, endless pina coladas, 9-5:30 childcare for the taking, beach and overall relaxation to being thrust back into the real world which consisted of near missed flights due to overcrowding at the airport, a baby who got sick practically when you walked back through your door, errands, doctors appointments and impending jury duty...you get run on sentences. And sad. BUT! We still sit back at the end of the day and keep reminding ourselves to be thankful that we were even given the opportunity (Greg's parents took us) because it was much needed.

Here's some pics!

Day One. I wanted some quality time with my new headphones and the ocean. Paradise found.

A baby sea snake sunning itself on the beach. Pretty unnerving to come across during a nice walk. And speaking of unnerving...

There were iguanas roaming freely all over the resort. They're pretty much harmless but a huge lizard is kind of weird to come across regardless of where you're at. Unless of course you're at Jurassic Park. This particular one was sunning himself on a wall, unbeknownst to me, and as I was walking by he jumped off, landed almost right at my feet and scampered off. This picture was taken post-heart attack.

Right outside our door.

Ramblin' man.

Jellyfish chandeliers that I fell in love with in one of the five dining areas (each had a different theme).

The bar I visited for my nightcaps.

My nightstand...almost nightly.

A toddler "Green" parade. The resort had themes for each day, that days was "Green Day".

Jack and an equally curly coiffed little lady.

A covert picture taken of Jack and Panda during a daycare outing. Those teachers were so awesome. This was the first time we've ever left him with strangers for any period of time, but they made us feel really comfortable and we got to see him and his classmates around the resort doing activities throughout the day. I thought it would be a great primer for preschool.

Mariachi at dusk.

Jack was very much into it.

A church in Zihuatanejo that I just really liked. I wanted to get pictures of the inside where there were tons of candles lit and beautiful tile work, but there were people praying so I decided against it.

Pool time when we got sick of sand in EVERYTHING.

We played a lot of Bocce Ball, and it turned out we were pretty good at it (we played against Greg's parents) so Greg and I took player pics. Here you have Greg "Ballzack" Martin vs.

Amanda "Ball Bustin'" Martin. Yes, there were plenty of "ball" jokes.

One of the many examples of how Greg and I gained about 5+lbs during this trip.

Sometimes you can't escape toddler-tude...even in paradise. The medal around his neck was from an awards ceremony where he won "Doctor Dolittle" because "he loves animals and was kind to every one he encountered". Unfortunately that kindness is sometimes spared for his parents.

Tequila shots. Mexico.

The shots were actually in celebration of new found friends (we met on the plane ride and got to hanging out eventually at the resort, they're in the white) engagement. The bartender in the middle was so sweet, she toasted with us and it was just an all around awesome evening.

Greg hates this picture because it properly displays our enchilada intake, but I threw it up here because it's the last picture of the trip and because our new friend Ben is in it. This guy was so fun to hang out with during the trip. He's a preschool teacher with a "Where The Wild Things Are" tattoo along his calf, a tattoo I thought was very perfect for a preschool teacher. He somehow persuaded me to go cove climbing...in flip flops (not an easy feat) and collected some coral that he gave to us before we parted ways. We miss him already.

And that's pretty much it! Now I'm off to tend to a child who has such a stockpile of snot he's taking on a Jabba The Hut appearance. Last night after a dose of children's Benadryl he decided to sit in his chair and would not budge even though he was nodding off-

This is what happens when Benadryl and an unwillingness to reason collide.


-Angel said...

Glad you got the opportunity for an undoubtedly needed vacation, though sad to hear little Jack is sick, hope he gets better soon. LOVE the passing-out-in-the-high-chair shot, my mom has one of my brother like that, it’s a classic. Also, extremely fortunate Benadryl works for him-Apollo gets this ‘fantastic’ paradoxical reaction to it, he's wired for HOURS after a dose :/

Chelsea Robbins said...

that last pic cracks me up.

Looks like you guys had a great time. You took some awesome pics! And I love the jelly fish light fixtures as well. those are genius.