Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Pit Of Bullshit

When I PMS I PMS hard, and usually I fixate on something and just intensely hate it for about 5 days. This can range from my cuticles to my husband. But this weeks casualty has actually been a thorn in my ass for about a month or two.

This is what I've been referring to as "The Pit Of Bullshit" for the past couple weeks. We bought it for Jack for his birthday because we figured "hey, a bouncy pit, he can get all his willies out while we watch Man vs. Food!" But he doesn't get his willies out. He instead has decided throwing the balls that it came with all over the house is WAY more fun. And watching his mother pick them up all hunch backed and irritated is even MORE FUN!

"Pssshht, enjoy picking up them apples bitch!"

This generally happens about 25 times a day.

Aside from that, Jack has been an angel. Here's some pics!

*This picture scares the shit out of me. I can see him contemplating...whatever 2 year olds contemplate. Either way, it isn't good. No good can come from that stare.

I'll be hitting the Midol extra hard this month.


Mrs. Beer said...

1. Man vs. Food is awesome. 2. We had one of those ball hell pits, and we got rid of it because my back was thrown from bending over and picking up those damn things. 3. Your funny and your son is really cute

Amanda said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear about your back! Honestly, I'm kind of hoping I throw mine out just get the point across about how much I hate this thing. I've been plotting it's demise for awhile now...

And thank you!

Jules said...

oh man, we have one of those things. Vaughn does the exact opposite. he goes around the house and picks up anything that isn't nailed down and throws it into the pit. so annoying. i deflated that thing and stuck it in the garage. good luck!

Maggie May said...

this post made me laugh out loud, from the Pit of Bullshit to your son's awesome face.

Chelsea Robbins said...

he's got such a littler personality!

Amanda said...

Thanks for the comments ladies!

@Jules- Jack does that as well! I've found a toothbrush, remote control, toy cars, my cell phone and a few stuffed animal casualties in The Pit a few times.

Also, in Destruction of the Pit news, the top ring has been popped I believe. By who, I'm not sure, but I'm very delighted.