Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bridget Jones-ing for some change

The woman of this posts title (if you haven't seen it before let me recap) wants to take a step up in her life and transform herself from a "spinster who will eventually be alone and eaten by dogs" into a woman with a quality boyfriend, good outlook and body sans 20 lbs. She documented all of this in her trusty diary. Well, I've decided to sort of use her idea. I'm not in need of a man, so the only part I can really feel Bridget on is the weight loss. And keeping track of it...on here.

I plan on shaping this shit up. I've been very negligent on my body's behalf. I've been eating far to much crap, exercising far too little, and becoming increasingly irritable and touchy at the fact that I'm avoiding jeans like the plague due to the dreaded "muffin top". So I've decided to nip this in the bud and shape up in time for our upcoming trip to Ixtapa Mexico, and maintain that into the horizon. I don't want to crash diet or swallow a tapeworm. I'm not into gimmicks or starvation. I'm going to do this the old fashioned way- eat less, exercise more.

So welcome to the newest segment of this blog- Operation Get My Skinny Jeans Back.

Starting off-

Height- 5'7''
Starting Weight- 140 lbs. (this is an estimate of the last time I weighed myself which may have been a couple weeks ago, I don't keep a scale in my house, all weighing will come in after visits to the in-laws as they have a scale).
Goal Weight- 130-120 lbs.
Targets- Arms (tone up), abs, ass, thighs.
Weaknesses- Chipotle, Wendy's, baked goods, soda (specifically of the Pepsi variety), salty food, food in general.
Strengths- I'm a good swimmer (I swam competitively for four years in high school) so I'll likely jump back into that as the heat rises. Supportive people around me. I've recently got into drinking lots of water (21 years to get to, but hey...they didn't build Rome in a day).
Exercise Plans- Pilates, tons of ab targeted exercises, more cardio, less carbs (this will be tough since I'm a self proclaimed carb junkie, I could eat mountains of spaghetti a day if you let me), promote a more vegetarian lifestyle in myself, cook more vegetarian friendly meals.

This isn't turning into a weight loss blog. This is merely another aspect of my life which I plan on documenting so I can see change and have it motivate me. I'll be posting progression pictures when I get to them (hopefully starting tonight when the husband gets home as I suck at self photography). That is all!

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