Monday, March 8, 2010


Dear Jack,
Today you are two. That is 720 days of waking me up, pulling my hair, asking for more milk, blowing raspberries to taunt me, laughing at everything and nothing, crying over everything and nothing, screaming at everything and everything, surprising me, pissing me off and pissing on me, giving me ambition, inspiration, hope. You grow up quickly little sir. Two years ago I held you in my arms and thought "what a tiny little world". That world is expanding. That world is quick now, running, keeping me on my toes, keeping my eyes open. That world is more expressive than I can capture in any picture, write down in any sentence.
They say "wait for the terrible two's!" But today you woke up sweet as can be. You even allowed me to cuddle you for a couple minutes as you played with my hair. This is not a common occurrence (and perhaps I have DJ Lance to thank for captivating you for long enough to let me enjoy it). You didn't whine or scream at anything trivial. Maybe this is the calm before the storm. But they say a lot of things.
You are more than a lot of things. You are Jack. And I couldn't imagine any other world I'd rather be around.

We love you,

Right now you seem to really love this song. I think it's very appropriate. So here you go my raspberry blower, my moon watcher, song singer, panda kisser.

Also, Happy Birthday to my little brother Mitchell, who two years ago turned 14 and all he got was a lousy nephew ;). I couldn't think of anybody better to share a birthday with Jack. You are the best brother and uncle anybody could ask for!


Jessica said...


Your son is really adorable, he looks a lot like you and his little red jacket is so cute in that picture. It sounds like you had a good day :)

Amanda said...

Thank you! It's actually really crazy some of the resemblances. Some days he looks a little more like Greg, some days he looks like Greg's younger brother, he looks EXACTLY like my littler brother Adam in most pictures. But yes, it is bizarre to see him some days and think "whoa, this is what I would've looked like if I was a little boy!"

Are you coming down to Tucson anytime soon?

Jessica said...

His little face is so cute, I'm sure you get "the urge" as I like to call it to just squeeze as hard as you can lol...I'm not sure of exactly when but I think within the next week or so I should be in Tucson again. I'm on Spring Break this week and Tyler has it next week so I think we'll try and work something out. I'd love to hang out, maybe we can make something happen! :)

Amanda said...

Definitely! He mentioned Spring Break next week. We should shimmy our schedules around and visit downtown again!

Also, "the urge" you speak of- far too great. Every. damn. day.

Awesome Alicia said...

holy guacamole, he's big.

I miss him & the little shy looks he gives me before he runs away.

happy b-lated birthday to him.

Amanda said...

Yep, we just had a pediatrician appointment last Friday and the kid is 34 lbs! My back is killing me. He's getting a few words in here and there. I think now he'd be slightly less shy.