Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I wanna put on my, my, my, my, my boogie shoes...

Last Friday I got to-

A. Reunite with a dear friend who I haven't seen since he attended our wedding and danced with Greg's mother (one of the highlights of the evening for sure!).
B. Meet his date for the evening, a wonderful and nice woman who I hope to see again.
C. Release all my love for 70's music in a glittery, vodka-cranberry (and ONE margarita) haze that compensated for my lack of working out this month.
D. Finally answer the question of "what would it be like to be pulled onto a platform with a bathtub on it by a guy dressed up in an outfit that can only be described as a co-design between Liberace and the Pope and baptized with glitter as David Bowie tunes pump through the room?"

The answer my friends- UNBELIEVABLE! No. Seriously. I can't believe that freaking happened.

Here's some pictures of the last few moments of sanity before my compatriots and I headed to the 2010 Glitter Ball-

My fellow debauch lovers.

The theme to the Glitter Ball was basically a tribute to the 70's and all things outrageous and flamboyant. Tyler borrowed my favorite lounge shorts for the evening. They scream "hetero".

My date for the evening, Colleen. She was a very good sport for somebody who is more of an 80's enthusiast. She respected my need for T.Rex.

I felt so "clean" here.

Taking a walk through our newly reconstructed bridge that connects our 4th Avenue to Congress St. My shorts in action.

And finally, the last picture taken before, well before any one of us could even operate a camera properly. I'm pretty much balls deep here.

The next morning Greg asked me how it went. All I could muster up was a look into the horizon and the thought that I could finally understand why Studio 54 was such a hit.


Maggie May said...

awesome! i LOVE all things 80's personally, and would go to any party in leg warmers :)

Amanda said...

I promised Colleen we'd put our blush on and we can go get our Benatar on next outing. I grew up on 80's music/stories so taking it back to the 70's was a nice change of pace. I can't wait for the next ball.