Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Places That I've Come to Love the Most

I've realized recently that my love/hate relationship with Tucson has swayed more to the love side. While I'm not a fan of the heat that makes me see spots when I come inside from throwing out my garbage in the summer, everything else is usually dandy. I've lived here for a little over 16 years now (I was born in Phoenix and resided there until I was about 6 and I'm never going back due to the traffic and mindset that it absolutely must turn itself into a more materialistic L.A.). There is something about Tucson that grabs you. It could be our sunsets or the sense of community, it could be the Sonoran hotdogs or odd wildlife, it could be that fact that the entire city kind of feels like one giant oxymoron. Whatever it is, I've grown to hold it dear. So I've decided to introduce a new segment to this blog called "The Places That I've Come to Love the Most" where I'll showcase some of my favorite spots and maybe give you a story or two of each.

First Up- Epic Cafe.

I've been popping into Epic every now and then since I've been old enough to walk around downtown sans parents. It has an atmosphere that screams "yes, finish that chapter of your book and eat me!" Yes, "EAT ME" would be an appropriate slogan for this corner cafe because while there are foods that soothe the soul there is a sense of anarchy in their coffee, in the baker in the back with the sleeves of tattoo's and dreads and the punk lifer eating quiche to your left. They showcase local artists every month from art display's to open mic nights, offer some amazing vegan cuisine and the in-house baked desserts deserve a shrine in their honor. I can still recall the blissful feeling that came over me when tasting a forkful of pistachio mousse pie. It was better than my epidural.
It gives people watchers a sanctuary and a place to read the Tucson Weekly. Even their bathrooms deserve a quick looksie-

If you're interested in Epic take a gander at their website- http://www.epic-cafe.com/

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