Thursday, November 19, 2009

My ABC's

Since Jack has decided to sleep in past me (what?!) I decided to do this little number.

B - BIRTHDAY: March 1
C - CRUSHING ON: Nobody, maybe Alexa Chung.
D - DRINK YOU LAST HAD: Water, but will be moving on to my Patron Saint of Sanity-Coffee.
E - EASIEST PERSON TO TALK TO: Those who "get it".
F - FAVORITE SONG: Currently "Wedding Bell" by Beach House, but I have to many to list.
G - GUMMY BEARS OR GUMMY WORMS: Both. I like a good ol' fashioned gummy creature orgy.
H - HOMETOWN: Phoenix, AZ, but I'd like to change it now to Tucson. Officially.
I - IN LOVE WITH: Fall weather, seasonal coffees, Trader Joe's Madeleines.
J - JUGGLE: Life.
K - KILLED SOMEONE: Maybe on Grand Theft Auto back in the day. But that hooker had it coming.
L - LONGEST CAR RIDE: Tucson to California. Since then I have vowed no more road trips ever.
M- MILKSHAKE FLAVOR: Not a big milkshake person, I can only handle so much lactose.
N - NUMBER OF SIBLINGS: Two sweet and vulgar little brothers.
O - ONE WISH: Success in building a great act.
P - PERSON YOU CALLED LAST: Greg maybe. Or my mom as I've vowed to start calling people back (I avoid the phone like it's been slobbered on by a herpes monster).
Q- QUICKIE: Yes please.
S - SONG YOU LAST HEARD: "Pure Morning" by Placebo.
T - TIME YOU WOKE UP: 6:51, but my head hurt so everything went on lock down until 9.
V - VEGETABLE(S): Green beans
W - WORST HABIT: Procrastinating.
Y – YOYOS ARE: Alright, I suppose.
Z - ZODIAC SIGN: Pisces, and a very cliche one I might add!

Random Questions About You:

Spell your name without vowels: MND MRTN
What color do you wear most?: I have no idea. Grey maybe? Black, white, etc.
Least favorite color?: Beige. It's just too soulless.
What are you listening to?: Feist (she has a good vibe for Fall).
Are you happy with your life right now?: Somewhat. I think there are always things to improve on though.
What is your favorite class in school?: It was English. Drama was fun too.
Are you outgoing?: In varying degrees.
Favorite pair of shoes?: Currently a pair of pumps I recently bought.
Where do you wish you were right now?: Seattle, maybe.


Can you dance?: Sure.
Can you tie a cherry stem with your mouth?: Nope.
Can you whistle?: Not very well.
Write with both hands?: Nope.
can you walk with your toes curled?: Probably.


Do you believe there is life on other planets?: Yes.
Do you believe in miracles?: Here and there.
Do you believe in magic?: Natural magic yes.
Love at first sight?: Lust yes, love no.
Do you believe in Satan?: Meh.
Do you believe in Santa?: Not anymore.
Do you like roller coasters?: Yes!
Do you think you could handle the stuff they eat on those reality shows?: I highly, highly doubt it.


Have you ever been on a plane?: Yes
Have you ever asked someone out?: Sort of, in that casual way.
Have you ever been to the ocean?: Yes
Have you ever painted your nails?: Of course!

What is the temperature outside? A very nice 53 degrees.
What radio station do you listen to?: None, I don't care for the slop they play these days.
What was the last restaurant you ate at?: Coco's.
What was the last thing you bought?: Diapers and food.
What was the last thing on TV you watched?: 30 Rock.


Who was the last person you IM'd? Colleen
Who was the last person you took a picture of?: Jack
Who was the last person you said I love you to?: Greg


Ever really cried your heart out?: Yes.
Ever cried yourself to sleep?:Yes.
Ever cried on your friend's shoulder?: Yes.
Ever cried over the opposite sex?: Yes.
Do you cry when you get an injury?: If it really hurts.
Do certain songs make you cry?:Not many lately, but a few have.

How many times have you had your heart broken?: Once, I think.
What is your current hair color?: Brown-ish red.
Current piercings: None, my ears have closed up twice and I haven't gotten around to re-piercing them.
Have any tattoos?: Two and plenty more to come (one day I plan on having both arms quarter sleeved).
Eye color?: Varying degrees of brown.


Favorite eye color: Green, hazel, brown.
Short or long hair: Short and shaggy.
Height?: Something about an inch taller than me and up.
Best clothing: Something dapper on occasion.


Been to jail: Only to bail someone out.
Mooned someone: No, I don't think so.
Ran away from home: Nope.
Laughed so hard you cried: All the time.
Cried in school: Yes.
Thrown up in a store: Almost. I was pregnant!
Is there something really stupid that you still laugh at today?: All sorts of little things here and there.

Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi
McDonald's or Burger King: Wendy's.
Single or Group Dates: Single
Chocolate or Vanilla: Both.
Strawberries or Blueberries: Strawberries
Meat or Veggies: Both
TV or Movie: Depends what's out or on.
Guitar or Drums: Drums are more fun to play to me.
Adidas or Nike: Adidas but just because of Run DMC.
Chinese or Mexican: I refuse to pick. I'd eat both. In the same night.
Cheerios or Corn Flakes: Neither.
Cake or Pie: Depends on either.
MTV or VH1: VH1.

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