Monday, October 19, 2009

Fashion Week

I've decided to battle the "block" (of the writing persuasion) with a week in pictures. Joining up with Emery at Moms Are For Everyone! ( and a list of other lovely lady bloggers (you can see the full list at Emery's site) I'll be documenting a week of what I wear for Fall!

Currently my AC has decided to cease living (on only the hottest couple days of the month, thanks Tucson!) which has left me in a sort of lackluster state (the only "luster" seems to be coming from sweat). So my first post will probably be delayed slightly until I spiffy up and out of shorts, a bra and a haphazard bun. Heat seems to sap the creativity and general will to wear "real" clothes out of me.

To be continued...

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