Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fashion Week Outfit Numero Uno

Outfit Details
Shirt- Urban Renewal by Urban Outfitters
Tank- Target
Shorts- Buffalo Exchange
Boots- Buffalo Exchange
Necklace- Thrifted

Pretty casual for a day at the park. Tucson has mild Falls and Winters so we're likely to keep rocking shorts and sundresses with a dash of a cardigan well into October, especially with a curious recent heatwave.


Mama Bird said...

love the boots girlie!

Amanda said...

Thank you! Fall has turned me into a boot fiend.

Emery Jo said...

I also love the boots. and is that a vest built-in to the shirt?? SO cute.

Amanda said...

Thanks Emery! Yeah, the "vest" is actually a thicker jersey material built into the shirt. It ties in the back that way it cinches more around the waist if you want a more shapely look when the shirt is all buttoned up. I usually just wear it with tights.

Katy said...

love this ENTIRE outfit! so cute!

jilian dee said...

love this, what a good find on those boots!

Amanda said...

Thanks ladies!