Friday, August 28, 2009

Jellicle Cats

I've been toying with the idea of getting a cat as of late. We tried the puppy route and when I discovered I was no Wonder Woman at managing both (it is very much like having two toddlers, two very needy, destructive, stubborn toddlers...and this is why I have an IUD now), we put the process of raising a puppy on the back burner until Jack is old enough. Cats, however, are much more independent, less boisterous, destructive, and just less in your face. I've also discovered that Jack really likes cats, which wasn't exactly the case with the puppy. So, I presented the idea to Greg and we're seriously considering it. When plans are "seriously considered" I tend to prepare, so here is my list of possible cat names!

Boy Cat

1.Rumpus (short for "The Great Rumpuscat" which was a character in T.S. Eliot's "Old Possum's Book Of Practical Cats")

2.Lestat (from "Interview with the Vampire"...I'm not falling into the vampire trend, so don't worry. It's just an all around good movie and a name I thought appropriate for a cat)

3.Hemingway (after the writer and huge cat lover)

4.Edward (from "Edward Scissorhands")

5.Ichabod (which I think is my favorite so far)

Girl Gatos

1.Margot (after Margot Tenenbaum)

2.Dietrich (after Marlene)





And I think those are the top favorites. We rattled off so many last night but I must have lost them in my sleep.


Awesome Alicia said...

my favorite is Hemingway personally. I think it'll fit a cat well. Good luck with it if you guys do end up getting one! & also hope all is well in the new casa.

Nicola Proctor said...
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Nicola Proctor said...

Hi -- I'm a random stranger which just found your blog. :-)

I like Ichabod the best. But beware -- it is my experience that cats always start to develop the personality traits of those they are named after. My first cat (a boy cat) was called Panic. Couldn't help it -- I'm a huge Smiths fan. Anyway; a more jittery cat you never met. I'd walk into a room - even after only leaving it the previous minute - and he'd jump out of his fur.

The cat we have now? He's called Bellamy, so named for Craig Bellamy who used to be the striker for our beloved Newcastle United. Quick as lightning, got into lots of trouble on (and off!) the pitch.

Choose wisely! The next cat I have will therefore be called "Self Sufficient Very Tidy Non-shedding or Scratching Up My Shit Pussycat". ;-)