Thursday, July 23, 2009

Picks of the day

I'm feeling a little folksy today, so here you go-

I REALLY want more sundresses and cowboy boots. They seem perfect for 'round these parts. I've actually had the strong desire to take my entire wardrobe to Buffalo, exchange it all and start over. I did it awhile ago when I was pregnant and virtually nothing fit me anymore. I then realized that pregnancy is completely temporary and at the end, after the weight came off I was left with a surplus of empire waistlines and tents. It was an expensive endevour to get my closet back to a semblance of "normal." So I learned my lesson....kind of.

Speaking of changing things up, Greg and I sort of decided to try and omit meat from our diet. I wouldn't say we're going vegetarian because I've tried it a few times and failed within a couple of weeks. I don't want to call myself a vegetarian unless I'm 100% meat-free and I stick to it for awhile. But we'll try. The hard thing is when someone mentions the word "vegetarian" the first thing I think of is "holy fuck, I want an In-N-0ut burger, animal style, NOW!" But when someone mentions the word "steak" I immediately desire garden salads and soup. Maybe if I write the word "steak" in red lipstick on my mirror I can stick to a new meatless mind frame. We'll see.

I haven't been posting anything of substance lately. My mind has been elsewhere especially with this show in but a few weeks. I feel like I'm going to give birth again only it won't be my vag on display with an audience of eager family members awaiting a baby like it's the next Zion. No. This time it will be my rhinestone covered boobs and a crowd of Surly Wench patrons. I guess you can say I'm an exhibitionist.

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