Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hey you! Get Off Of MY CLOUD!

Since the weather has been especially pleasant these last couple weeks, I've been trying to capture as much of its sunshine and temperate goodness. Things like walks and exploring parks or sitting outside of cafe's have been the apex of our weekends. So it was only fitting that today we do it all again. We took a nice walk around Sam Hughes, where we became increasingly jealous of the real estate. I mean seriously. There are nice houses, and then there are Sam Hughes houses. I literally stopped and stared at some of the structures beaming from their perfect sidewalks, mouth agape, damn near tears because of their utter perfection.
Almost unreal. Almost a fairytale created specifically for me.
Ah Sam Hughes- where the grass is ALWAYS greener.

But I digress.

We decided to head to the Childrens Museum so Jack could crawl around free and interact with other kids, stretch his limbs and flex his mind. These ideas are always better in my head, and I'll tell you why-In my head, when we take Jack to play, he has a great time, he meets new friends and he certainly DOES NOT get assaulted by a 1 year old. But then there's the real worlds version...
We made our way to the Wee Rainforest Room, a place specifically made for children under 4. We were all quite excited. Not more then 5 minutes there does a little boy wander up to Jack, who at this time has happily pulled himself up on a squishy cylinder type thing and is pounding it with all the electric fervor he has in his 10 month old arms. The kid catches Jacks eye and Jack starts smiling and scooting over to say hi.

"Look dude, a new friend!"


Immediatly the kid slaps Jack in the face.

"Umm, whoa."

But I figure its a one time thing. Maybe the kid didn't mean it like that. And then he slaps him again this time trying to gouge his fingernails into Jacks scalp.

"What the fuck!" I mutter under my breath.

As I grab Jack to rescue him the kid again swipes at him, hitting him in the face again one last time. I look at Greg who is obviously seeing red. If there is one person you don't mess with its Jack, and it took every ounce of willpower for Greg not to punt this little shit across the room.

Only after this kids attack does his mom come out of the corner and go "gentle, gentle".

Ummm "gentle"?! Really....really.

Your little Damien over there just hit my son and scratched him and you say "gentle!" Not even a 'sorry'. Not even an apologetic look! Had that been Jack I would have slapped his hand, scolded him, and apologized to both the kid and parent. Not left it at a fucking "gentle"!

I was livid.

It's parents like that, the ones that believe their kids are "perfect little angels" incapable of any wrongdoing that send the bullys to school. It's kids with parents like that who throw dirt in the faces of kids on the playground and think its perfectly okay. Its those kids I'm going to hear about when Jack comes home from school with a black eye.
We moved on to a different exhibit, promising to come back after the kid left. We did, and everything was great. He crawled around and laughed and babbled. Then, while he was climbing a step a little girl came around the corner. They locked eyes and she walked over to him. And then, this little girl, the little girl with the brunette bob and bangs, the little girl with saucer eyes, pressed her forehead to his and gave him a slight kiss, before running off and leaving Jack with a twitterpaited look on his face.
It was adorable, and I wish I had pictures to post.

By the time we got home I was a whole bag of emotions. I was still angry at that little boy and more so the vapidness of his parents, I was delighted that Jack got his 'first kiss' by such an adorable little girl, I was filled with listfullness at the fact that he's growing up so fast right under my nose. But more than anything I was proud of him.
Proud of him for being a stoic warrior in the face of conflict, not flinching or shedding a tear. For getting the girl. For being MY son.

And the day continued to be temperate and beautiful.

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