Saturday, June 30, 2012

True Life Texts

Disclaimer- sometimes these can be an over share and/or inappropriate. But then, that's kind of how I operate.

I shall title this exchange- True Romance

Zack- I love you.

Me- I love you. So very much.

Zack- I love you more.  * you can pause here to go gag if you must. But we debate over who loves whom more. I don't know. It's something we do while trying to find something to watch on TV and in between mouthfuls of Chipotle burrito bowls.

Me- No you don't. I wanna marry you. I wanna have two kids with you. Which is two more than I wanted. I wanna be grouchy on a porch with you and grow old there. I wanna pick out affordable Swedish furniture with you. I wanna get invited to a dinner party with you and then go get burgers afterward, because I know how we are. 

But first, I wanna sit on your face.

And there you have it. Romance, just like Shakespeare wrote it.

Here's a picture of us being civilized and happy-

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