Saturday, July 2, 2011

Friday Fondue

* Such a chic couple!
* I read this and almost cried on the bus. It's just so...perfect.
* Want (although I do think AP is a tad overpriced and their PR isn't doing them any favors).
* How'd you like this in your house?!
* I definitely want to try and make this (we actually make a pasta dish with feta, mushrooms and red onions that is one of my favorite comfort foods ever).
* Why wont my hair just do this everyday?
* Shades lust (Oliver Peoples gives me an eyewear boner and their ads? Swooooooooonnn. Swoooonon. Double Swooooon. ).
* Funny
* Cool home bar. But then, I'm always partial to that wallpaper.
* Tucson local Amber has some mad stylin' chops. Check out her blog here.

Music Of The Week

"I'll Be With You" by Black Lips
"Feel It All Around" by Washed Out
"Life Fantastic" by Man Man (I'm legitimately addicted to this song)
"Sara" by Chad VanGaalen
"Diamond Mine" by David Kilgour and The Heavy Eights

When I asked Jack what his favorite song was right now he said this. And that's no lie. The dude has been stomping around the house in unison with the song and singing this all week. He is the Freddie Mercury of my heart.

I hope you all have a lovely 4th of July. Have an extra margarita and slice of watermelon. Tell them I said it was okay. Love and Bottle Rockets.


Maggie May said...

holy crap that poster is THE BEST

Maggie May said...

now i'm back to say i realized that i have been coming and reading your weekend links for a bit and i have blogged for four years and your links are really one of the top three collections i've come across. for me, anyhow. the links you put up are REALLY GOOD. solid. interesting, intellectual, emotional, beautiful, etc. thank you.

Amanda said...

Well thank you! Just putting out whatever tickles my fancy in the hopes of connecting more with people. Glad to see it works on some level! said...

shall we say, "the bee's knees?"

and when is that inevitable Lullabies YouTube channel coming up, so we can subscribe to your faves in real-time? eh? eh?

(and don't give me that working-mom excuse!)

Amanda said...

Hmmm never considered it! Maybe something to work on....