Thursday, April 7, 2011

Friday Fondue

Obsessed with this jacket (who doesn't love EmersonMade though?).
For my future daughter. Should I ever have one.
I want to make/eat this NOW.
I want to paint a wall this color.
Songs That Have Been On Repeat-
"Burning"- The Whitest Boy Alive
"Heartless Romantic"- The Dears
"Pitseleh"- Elliott Smith
"No Key, No Plan"- Okkervil River
"Do You Believe In Destiny?"- The Fresh & Onlys
"When I'm With You"- Best Coast
"Black Cab"- Jens Lekman
I'm not really the biggest Angelina Jolie fan (not a hater or anything, there are just other actresses out there I like better) but this picture made me happy.
Outfit coveting in 3..2..1...
Oh, hi, yes, I'll take a 7 1/2.

For those about to catch up on sleep/eat/play/dance/laugh/watch a movie/drink/pick up some nice plants for your yard/maybe go out and get some frozen yogurt/chase your kids/relax/freak the geek out/check your mail for Netflix/wang chung tonight/kung fu fight/rock the casbah.....I salute you. Happy Weekend to all and to all a goodnight! THANK YOU VERY MUCH TUCSON!

.....okay...second wind has expired...Amanda out.


Fashion Cappuccino said...

Happy Weekend to you too! Checking out your links right now, especially the music! xoxoxoo

Maggie May said...

now I"M obsessed with that dress! swedish and fantastically cute!

Chelsea said...

angolina's teeth are too straight across. they look weird. that picture is super cute though!

and I love your links.

Rebekah said...

I LOVE that picture!

Amanda said...

@Chelsea- Holy crap! I JUST noticed that! At first something seemed slightly 'off' about her but I couldn't pin it. That is it! They're freakishly straight.