Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ants On A Log

Some people feel like a parent when the big moments happen. The first steps, the first words, goals achieved, milestones passed. I've always found it in different places. When I step on a toy car. When I pluck Panda off the floor and find myself holding him just a second longer, smelling the top of his over loved head before setting him somewhere more civilized than the floor. The floor, with it's shoes that bring dirt in from the park. Parks that, three years ago, I never cared about. Too old to appreciate the swings anymore.
Today I found it in these-

I haven't had ants on a log since, well, probably since I was close to Jack's age. But we had the ingredients, I had the time and it seemed like a good idea. How many times have you wished for somethings that "were around when I was a kid"? I still think Nick Jr dropped the ball when they dropped Eureeka's Castle. I spent quite some time filling in those celery stalks with peanut butter and placing raisins in their designated spots, making sure there was a proper peanut butter/raisin/celery ratio.

For some reason I felt a great pleasure in this otherwise mundane task. Relishing in the almost meditative quality of it. Being absolutely boring can be underrated. My brain unwired, my hands busy, the music on, the kitchen empty of people; it was a moment.

And then it was gone.

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JMay said...

haha, cute picture. Those are my favorites snacks!