Sunday, February 6, 2011

30 Day Dare+Blue Valentine+Whatever Else I Can Squeeze Out Of My Lame Brain

First! Let's get some pictures out of the way. This time I decided to do one of those "Inside My Bag" things-

I found these little guys at Toys-R-Us one day and had to get them because they were so cute. My elephant is missing his trunk though. I had names for all three but I can't recall them at the moment.

A bracelet gift from a friend. You never know when you have to just stop and accessorize.

I mostly got these Altoids because I liked the green, antique-y tin. Aaaand maybe so I could have a grasshopper minus the alcohol midday.

Field notes (fine tip Sharpies are my writing tool of choice, good for both writing and doodling).

Sunglasses, comb for keeping the bangs on point, wallet and junk pouch (full of various glosses, mints, bobby pins, etc).

Sunglasses again, phone, keys.

My-Going-Out-Bad-Habit (I occasionally smoke while I drink when out, though I haven't in awhile. Yes scoff now!) and lotion, because dry hands can really fuck my day up!

Mix CD for errand running (I'm a compulsive mix maker) and a CD from a band I saw a couple weeks ago.

Some lipstick I got from another friend. I guess Revlon has this line of vintage inspired shades and packaging that really does lend a darling feeling to the inside of your bag.

And finally, the segue into the next part of this post...

Saw Blue Valentine last night and, well, it was good. I think I would have been more blown away if the fights in it hadn't hit so close to home. I actually found myself wincing at certain parts because the dialog was just so real and accurate. I think the ending got me the most. That's all I'll say for now since I don't want to spoil it. But, definitely see it.

This post didn't exactly turn out the honor student I envisioned. I think it's because my vision is getting a little wonky. I'm so tired. Six hours of sleep in three days and a toddler whose energy level resembles the Tasmanian Devil will do that to you.

I'll try again tomorrow. In the meantime, here's some La Blogotheque videos that made my evening. If you have low tolerance for beauty than you shouldn't watch them though.


And there you have it. Off to bed I go!

5 comments: said...

MUST get one of those mini xylophone kits! That and a uke & hand-held harmonium. And an HD cam & an omni-directional wireless digital microphone and AND AND...

Rashel said...

You need a link button. You have a badass blog and I would love for my readers to find you =) Just a suggestion!! xo

Amanda said...

@Tucson- A pilgrimage to the swap meet?!

@Rashel- Aww, thanks! I've been thinking about creating one, I just don't know how to go about it. HTML and all that jazz is so foreign to me. But I shall try again!

Chelsea said...

your purse is so much cooler than mine. I've got diapers, wipes, lipstick, wallet, cookies, crackers and a crap load of crumbs at the bottom + some random papers and junk. I'm not organized at all.

ps, i <3 the music pics my love. good stuff.

Amanda said...

@Chelsea- Haha! I only *look* organized. It's deliberate, my obsessive organizing, because it's the only thing I can control. My head is the equivalent of a kindergarten class room...after a food fight.