Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 5- In Which I Sell My Soul For Chipotle

As I mentioned yesterday it is a frustrating thing to walk around in a world that caters mostly to omnivores, something I very much took for granted in my previous omnivore status. The world was my succulent oyster and I...a food pirate. Anyway, I wanted to prove to myself that I COULD have fast food vegan options and one better! I could have it in my favorite place of stomach pleasures ever- Chipotle*.
I've been a fan of Chipotle since I tried it about 5 years ago. I love the freshness. I love the taste. I love the fact that I've never even seen a Chipotle commercial on TV but know where just about every other Chipotle in Tucson is located and which employees screw you on the rice. After my first tattoo Greg and I got a couple of Chipotle's mammoth burritos and called it our first date so I think maybe I've associated it with comfort (it took my mind off my throbbing, freshly tattooed hip) and thus my addiction was born. Usually I would be asking some chick behind the counter for "a carnitas bowl and put some stank on it!" But wanting to uphold this challenge I did my research, found that most of the ingredients they use (save for the obvious meat and dairy) are vegan approved and hauled ass to the closest one. I thrust our debit card at the poor blonde behind the cashier and had to resist singing this. Clutching my bag of pure Nirvana I skipped to the car excited for what was to come...

And my friends, it was good. I liked it so much I considered putting a ring on it.

So, there you have it. Chipotle: Vegan tested, Amanda approved.

*This was obviously when I needed to re-color my hair.

To make it vegan at Chipotle I suggest-
Rice, black beans, fajitas mix, pico de gallo, lettuce and guacamole. I threw some Chipotle tabasco on it when I got home too after I ate about half it. Satisfied the very same way as my old carnitas bowl would have. Home sweet home.

*I was not sponsored by Chipotle for this post. But I wouldn't mind. You hear that Chipotle?! Hook a girl up!


Overthinking Mama said...

i love chipotle... i have thought about going vegitarian (dont think i could ever go vegan) but then i dont think i could be a vegitarian either because i do enjoy my meat. :-)

ps. i love your hair.. ive been contiplating getting bangs... they looks so cute on you, but not sure on me.

God Bless
Overthinking Mama

cdugan said...

I got really scared when Dave looked at his little iPhone last night during Wicked intermission and told me you went to Chipotle. I thought you had caved.

Oh my stars, I'm so glad you didn't. High five for staying strong, sister.

I also loved Chipotle prior to my vegan days, and I've avoided it since to not tempt with their signature thawap of sour cream and delicious cheese (what IS that queso? so good). Due to this post, I may have to revisit.

@Overthinking Mama: I love meat, too. During my pre-vegetarian days - almost 10 years ago - I would get my steak so rare it was practically alive, and flock to nearest Mexican joint for a Carne Asada burro upon the slightest craving. It's just a matter of changing your mindset and putting the pleasures of your taste buds backseat to what you know to be right. Once you look at things differently...and see meat not as "food" but a dead animal on a plate who suffered immensely when there were plenty of other nourishing things you could choose to eat instead of its's easier to resist. It's mind over matter for those of us who grew up with meat as a comfort food and staple. That being said, I'm REALLY bitter at the vegans and vegetarians who were lucky enough to have compassionate eaters for parents. They never learned the sinful pleasure of eating meat and its a helluva lot easier for them to refrain. DAMN THEM ALL TO HELL.

Not to say I haven't had my moments of weakness these past 10 years. Amanda's right - it's an omnivore's world, and I have occasionally caved. That's only going to change with people learning the truth about the meat and dairy industry today. And the fact that our earth can't continue to support the practices of factory farming for very much longer between the water and air pollution, and waste excess. Did you know that methane from cow farts and burps are the greatest contributors to global warming (~20 times more than C02 from cars)?

Amanda said...

@Colleen- I was in my glory last night! I guess up in California Chipotle even came out with a vegan buritto!

Lucky ducks! I didn't even miss the cheese or sour cream. Just having the guacamole gave it the punch that the cheese or sour cream would have. I've always said guacamole can cure anything.

@Overthinking Mama- I think after the challenge I'll still cook some vegan meals but make the switch to vegetarian full-time. I really don't miss the meat. I have my cravings sure! But I find other just as delectable things to eat to compensate.

And as Colleen stated, just looking at meat in a different way can change the want of meat. Knowing what I know now about factory farming and the meat industry, I just can't eat it anymore without feeling guilty. I don't want to sound preachy and I'm definitely not judging you or anybody else, it's just MY mindset has been changed after reading up about it all and actually seeing what it does to my body. Still...I live in what might as well be the capitol of badass Mexican food and growing up on crane asada and beans cooked in lard and all the glorious fixings that accompany a Hispanic upbringing, I don't know if I'll ever stop craving that stuff. I just have to, as Colleen said, put mind over matter. And in the end I actually do feel proud of myself for it.

As for bangs- go for it! I love 'em. And they usually grow pretty fast (I have to trim mine about very two or three weeks) so if you don't like them the growing out process is pretty easy. And when I don't want to deal with them I push them off to the side, back in a headband, pin 'em. Rebecca over at Girls Gone Child has a good bang trimin' tutorial too if you visit her blog.

cdugan said...

I'm about to eat this exact meal in about 15 minutes. First Chipotle in a YEAR (I went vegan as a New Year's resoltuion for 2010)!!!

Amanda said...

If it isn't tasty enough (IMPOSSIBLE!) try putting the Chipotle Tabasco on it (they have some in the restaurant). A little will go a long way but it kicks it up a notch on the tang!

cdugan said...

It was all about the guac and the Better Than Sour Cream. Thank you baby Jesus for that stuff.