Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 3- The Veg-ina Monologues

Well, today has, so far, been a rather interesting day for my dare. Today I got to deal with what they call "the haters".

The thing is, I started this whole idea based off of my wanting to push myself out of the box, give myself constant fodder to write about. NOT start political arguments or lifestyle judgement. But it seems some things just can't be helped. When you open yourself up to comments you get them, good or bad.

Today I saw a couple FAMILY members come in and leave snide comments on a post on Facebook (oh Facebook, you little drama whore!). At first I accepted it as good ol' fashion familial ribbing.

"Hey! since a cow's diet is basically a Vegan, and I eat the cow, doesnt that qualify me as a Vegan? A big Juicy T-bone...yum"

I can accept that! I can even laugh at it because it's actually kind of clever! But when you get-

"see Amanda, I told you so, liberal vegans are all the same - I see you deleted my earlier comments and those of Adams - dont post stuff if you cant take the response - oh by the way happy new year to You, Jack and Greg - love you - "

The thing is I hadn't deleted any comments. I posted two pictures of my lasagna on Facebook. One on my wall and one as a note with the link to this blog. The leaver of the aforementioned comment simply mistook one (that Adam had commented on) for the other (that Adam HADN'T commented on) and assumed I deleted their comments. Simple enough, people make mistakes. I sent the wrong text out to somebody just the other day! But what I can't excuse is false, disrespectful blanket statements.

I replied with the basic gist of the last few sentences. It made me upset. Don't insult me and a large number of others just because you don't get it. Different strokes for different folks. I was upset at being challenged over something that I'm doing for fun and new perspective, and for what? Because you like meat? Eat your fucking steak! I DON'T CARE. I think most meat out there is crap pumped full of hormones and fed shit while living in just that, shit. But I've also been an omnivore for 22 years so it's not like I'm missing out on the glorious flavor of the flesh. I've had my share, believe me I've had my first, second and third share and it's time for something new. I'm doing this for me. Not to make others feel bad about their dietary choices (your body, your life, your business). Not to make some sweeping gesture. Just to do it. What's wrong with that?

Before the rant goes on longer, I'll cut it off there. I'm 3 days into this dare and I've already just felt a little bit of backlash so I can't imagine how it is for people who do this all the time. Frustrating. That's the only word I can come up with.


So far I feel great. I did the elliptical at the gym today for what it digitally told me was 4.5 miles. I thought I'd be hungry after these workouts but it seems to have an opposite effect. The endorphins are too busy tickling my brain for me to notice any sort of hunger. Today I had a cup of coffee (with soy milk, dairy is a no-no now!) this morning and contemplated eating some oatmeal just to say I ate some oatmeal because I just wasn't hungry! By 3:30 I felt a little rumble and I cooked up my one of my favorite comfort foods- potatoes o'brien! I'm so obsessed with this stuff.

Potatoes O' Brien con lots of ketchup. Or catsup if you're old school. Or "fancy ketchup"...if you eat it with your pinky extended and/or wear a top hat.

For dinner I'll likely have some of the left over lasagna, but I'm still not really hungry. I think the plant based proteins and fiber of vegetables are keeping me full longer. Drinking lots of water has helped too.

So far, so good. Colleen lent me a few cookbooks tonight so I'll be cooking up something new soon!

Here's a picture of Jack!

He rocks out 'til he knocks out.


Awesome Alicia said...

That's sad that people - family members can be so judgmental and discriminating towards you because of your lifestyle (as colleen called it) choice. I don't think I could ever become vegan - I love my meat too much - but I can't understand hating on someone because of what they choose not to eat. especially since you are doing it for you to try something different. I think it's great what you're doing and I hope you don't let what the haters say get to you. because you're challenging yourself and inspiring tons of others.

good luck!

cdugan said...

Si, es a lifestyle choice.

I'm looking forward to the "cooking show". I'm gonna be all like a vegan Julia up in that bitch.

This is unrelated...but does Jack look like Pubert Addams yet?!!! I want PICTURES!

Amanda said...

Lol! Not yet! I'm thinking about slappin' a stash on him while he's sleeping. He's going to wake up so confused tomorrow.

Eva said...

WOW, someone seems almost personally threatened about your veganism.
My husband is a vegetarian and gets this ALL the time. It's so lame. Like who cares? Let people eat what they wanna eat and get over it...

Althea said...

Family has a tendency to do that...make comments without thinking.
Sorry that you got the backlash of that.
I say way to go, rock on with your bad self, and PUT A FAKE STACHE ON YOUR KID!!!!

Molly said...

Been away from your blog for too long, but I'm FINALLY catching up! You're going vegan huh? That's quite an edeavor! I can't wait to cheer you on.

I would like to try to go vege (I'm not certain I could do vegan FIRST) for a month at some point. So, I'll just wait for you to figure out lots of yummy recipes and then copy you like that chick from Single White Female.

{the fancy ketchup comment made me laugh}
Happy 2011!

Amanda said...

@Molly- Thanks! Yep, going vegan for a month. So far it's been fairly easy but I do have my former eating habit cravings. But that's to be expected and I feel great so I hold that higher than momentary meaty food pleasure. I see the going vegan thing as immersion therapy. I wanted to go hard, all the way and thrive and expand my cooking skills. I came to the realization today though that after this month I'll likely be going vegetarian full time. Meat is easy for me to give (save for the aforementioned cravings occasionally) up. I've been really turned off by the meat and poultry industry on a whole and I don't think I'll miss it.

Veganism is more than a diet, it's a lifestyle and a very informed and strict one at that (albeit delicious and completely cruelty-free which is what makes it worth it). There are so many facets to consider- hair products, makeup, skin care, clothing, furniture, etc. It's actually baffling to me how many things have animal products and animal derivatives in them! But I'm checking my labels and carrying on.

Jeez, this was a long comment, sorry about that!

Adriana said...

im really impressed with your dedication. we have been trying just to vegetarian!

Cortney said...

I totally agree with Eva- it's weird how *personally* people take things. I mention I'm a vegan leaning vegetarian and people go all crazy town and start making love to their hamburger, eating all slow and seductively and saying "oh, I hope my love of MEAT doesn't bother you" (just one reaction I've had from a total stranger at a work function dinner... what the hell dude??). I'm not at all a militant veg*n, yet people get super uptight about it, and sometimes launch into lectures on how I'm going to die (seriously) or how I need to research the Real Food diet or the Paleo diet. Um, thanks for assuming I didn't research those things! I even read "The Vegetarian Myth" for crying out loud, and I still believe this is the best diet for me...

All that being said, good luck with the rest of the month and congratulations for trying something new.