Monday, December 20, 2010

Wedding Revisited

In my last post Chelsea left a comment that made me think "hmmm, why not post a bit about our wedding?!" I did shortly after we got married, but I love revisiting things. I think we change so much that we always look at things with different eyes and it's fun to compare and contrast (I would have chosen a different hairstyle and taken more time on my makeup, would have changed and added more songs, different shoes, etc). I didn't post much about my wedding because it was a really low key affair. There were no photographers (my aunt came and agreed to photograph everything she could with her trusty Nikon). There were no DJ's, mostly because I simply wouldn't allow it. "I'd take care of it, that you very much." We thought food was of the utmost importance so we booked a Mexican food buffet and called it a day because if you don't like Mexican food you aren't human. Plain and simple. My wedding plans probably looked like this-

Mexican food+music+endless margaritas&booze= happy happy joy joy

So I did all that and called it a day. I didn't even pick out my own dress. My mother-in-law found a lacey white sundress at Saks one day and bought it just in case and I approved and it was done.

Anyway, I made a playlist of some of the songs off our wedding soundtrack and I figured I'd share it here. This is an extremely edited version, since the actual playlist was over 7 hours long. I picked everything and arranged it based on what would be going on at the time. I had more low key, relaxed music for dinner, some more upbeat music for after dinner drinking and socializing and more dance worthy tracks for after all those margarita refills. So here you go-

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"Ladies And Gentlemen We're Floating Through Space" was used for the procession. I didn't want the traditional wedding march and I felt like this was a decent alternative. It's pretty and it has a modern waltz sort of feel.

What were your favorite songs from your wedding? Or do you have any songs you're hoping to use for a future wedding? Share your stories!


Roxanne said...

I didn't have an actual wedding, but my best friend's first dance with her husband was "Love You Madly" by Cake. They did this awesome kind of-choreographed dance and it was simply lovely.

John said...

Simple ideas often work best

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Chelsea said...

weddings are SO overrated. Now that I photograph weddings and see all of the behind the scenes stuff, i realize how silly they are. They're amazing, you get to lock eyes with your man as you walk down the aisle, it's fun, you are the center of attention, but i feel the same way about weddings as i do about christmas. How about we all just enjoy a meal together and SAVE OUR MONEY! I wish I hadn't spent so much on my wedding. It was a fairly low key event as well, it was in a friends back yard in the summer, we had about 100+ guests, we had a cake, catered sushi, a sucky ass dj, and a TERRIBLY wedding photographer who charged me 2400 bucks. I'm an idiot for paying it. I knew nothing then, i just thought she was good, but she did an aweful job. Anyway. If i could go back, I would wear a vintage lace dress (not from david's bridal costing me an arm and a leg,) I would have more brides maids and have them all wear their own vintage inspired floral strapless dress.....I would have a big dinner party in the back of someones yard and not make it so formal. OR we would elope and spend the money we would have spent on the wedding back packing through europe or laying on a beach for a few weeks. That would have rocked.

*Our honeymoon though was amazing. my father in law paid for it (he's a swell guy) and we went to jamaica for 7 days and stayed in a top notch bungalow drinking and eating all day and night.