Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Fondue

I am grouchy. People just have a way of getting under your skin and I'm crawling with parasites. Whether it's the people who are anonymous or people you know intimately, it all irritates the same and I'm extra pissed because for the last couple days I've been rocking a pretty good disposition. A sweet disposition, some would say (if that some were The Temper Trap). And I'm pretty sensitive, no matter how often I try not to submit to my emotions, as Manny on Modern Family says- "we both know that your Latin blood makes that impossible." So I'm grouchy, trying to refrain from lashing out, saying what you REALLY want to say, will do that to you. I am forever a product of my heritage-

Swede genes- Suppress it.
Latin genes- Throw it into a wall.

So enough about my conundrums. Here's some cool stuff to look at!

* A couple looks from Lookbook that I'm all a'flutter over.
* Let's do lunch with these!
* This makes me want to make some cupcakes and hand them out to strangers. But "society" won't let me.
* A pretty reminder.
* I think this would be a cute alternative for a diaper bag.
* This would be cute to put next to a baby's crib in a nursery.
* These chairs are adorable.
* Apartment Therapy wonders if you've had a nap lately (and makes mothers everywhere twitch in sleep deprived jealousy).
* More stuff to feed my Banhart addiction!
* If I could inject more Christmas spirit in myself I would. In the meantime, I listen to this.

Tonight the fam and I will take in some Christmas lights with a couple of awesome friends and I'm hoping that will slam the door on my bad mood. Something about lights in the dark and hot chocolate to warm you and tiny hands pointing out stars tends to do that.


Creativechaos said...

All I have to say is your mom looks fantastic!


Adriana said...

i totally have those apple plates but i dont have the cute green cups that go with them. I found them at savers for like a buck each!

Chelsea said...

I love that you quoted Manny. You're too cute amanda.

So today i was at Marshalls buying a knitted throw for a new born shoot i have monday and there were a group of woman who were all working on a display by the check out registers and this one lady was asked to grab a bin but she didn't get a big enough bin, so the boss lady who was in charge of it all was bitching at her sayin, "Of course this isn't a big enough bin! Duh! Ughhhh!!!! (Sigh)." She was treating these poor woman so rudely and talking to them like dogs. It made me so sad.

It was my turn to check out and as I was paying, the cashier answered the phone and gave it to the boss lady. While she was on the phone I told the cashier that I Was going to make a phone call to corporate because you woman aren't dogs and you don't need to be treated like that. That there is a better way to speak to people....etc. I told her that the woman was making my skin crawl listening to her bitchy tone. She was already off of the phone and listened to half of my rant. I was so annoyed. I should have just called her out infront of all of those woman, but who am I? A young mom with a fussy kid and she's not going to listen to me anyway. She's a sad soul. But the idea of being an advocate for those other ladies would have made me feel better.

I've been grumpy too lately. And mean people make me even grumpier.

***like your links.

Amanda said...

@Creativechaos- Haha, thanks! I'll let her know!

@Adriana- They're so cute! I'm jealous you have 'em!

@Chelsea- Man, all those stores (Marshalls, Ross, TJ Maxx) have THE WORST customer service ever! I love the deals but sometimes I wonder if I have the wherewithal to even handle the people that work there. In my experience of going there I've only had ONE good lady at the register. She was so sweet that my husband and I walked out looking at each other like we'd seen a purple unicorn in the middle of the mall.

People can be a bummer. I'm glad I have a blog where the people that read and comment are the antidote to bummersville! You're (all) awesome!

flyrish said...

Ha! I love the Swede vs. Latin identity crisis. It's much like my Filipino vs. Irish identity crisis, with Irish being my Latin-like side. So, in other words, I get you.

Love the moon print and the Apartment Therapy bed, and now I'm really ready for a nap.