Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This is the part where I get sappy...

I was going to postpone this until the end of Emery's Fall Fashion Week, but since the coffee is coursing it's way through my body (which has been coffee abstinent for about a week, so it's really potent this time around), I figured why not now.

I love fashion. Whatever "fashion" means to you. Fashion may be a brighter cardigan. It may be a vintage dress or crazy accessories. It might be bigger buttons or bows. It may be written down in Vogue or just in your own imagination. For some of us who tote diapers around, it may just be changing out of the everyday sneakers. For me it started in my Drama class, sneaking upstairs into the costume storage closets and playing in flapper dresses or gowns belonging to scripted southern belles and costume jewelry. Allowing pieces of clothing to change me into a vixen or an intellectual. Once I realized the power of that, I was hooked.
Some people say fashion is "vain" or "pointless" and to that I laugh in their face. What an ignorant statement. Fashion is in everything whether you realize it or not. Whether it's practical or avant-garde. And it's transformative. It can change the way you walk, the way you move. It can turn heads, ignite thought, it can tell stories without the lifting of a pen. And it HAS stories, woven in fibers, handed down with love, scented with reminisce. There can be comfort or dominance. Yes, fashion is powerful and hardly pointless.
And one of the things that makes it most un-pointless, is the fact that every time Emery has hosted a week of fashion, be it Spring or Fall, I see tons of women flock to one another and offer up positive, love filled comments. Some of them complete strangers! Vain? How about uplifting?!
How many of you have felt a rush of excitement in the last two days?
How many of you were brought new ideas to experiment with?
How many of you grew a little closer to your mate (most of us have relied on our partners to take our pictures) through this fun experiment?
How many of you have found new voices from newfound friends?

It is more than merely slipping on a pair of tights, it's falling into a world of possibility and that is what fashion is for me and I hope for many of you as well.

So, I raise a mug (I'd say glass, but at 10 a.m. that would probably mean I'm an alcoholic) to our lovely host or hosts if you are also participating in Rebecca's Good Wear Days segment for bringing all of us together and thus producing all of this positive energy and excitement. Thank you for this.

Take it away Bowie!


Adriana said...

you just took the words outta my head! i could not agree with this more. Loving all your fall looks. Also, been listening to all your songs. great choices.

Molly said...

I could not agree more. Emery's fashion weeks are bright spots on my calendar. Thank you for articulating just why they are.

Bavonia said...

Fashion Design was my Major, I dedicated 4 years of my life to learning the art. And many people are of the opinion that it was a vain and shallow living. Yes the industry breeds bizarre people and it can be hard to find kindess but it is business. But I always held the belief that I made a woman feel beautiful that when she wore my design it brightened her day, made her stand taller. That is powerful. Your post rings so true. I love Emery's fashion weeks I meet many amazing moms that are in the same boat as me and the comments make me feel amazing!
Much LOve!