Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes! *Edit

As you may have noticed, I've been doing some experimenting (not college "experimenting") with my blog. I needed a change since I've been "blocked" as far as content goes. So here you have "Lullabies To Terrorize Version 2.0", but I still haven't felt "just so" about it so much as "this'll do since I'm hungry right now and I need to go to the bathroom."

Any suggestions?

My main concerns-

1. It's a little too girly as it stands. I'm not against girly, it's just...strange, I suppose, coming from where I was when I first started this blog and the fact that I'm chalk full of unfeminine moments, both in posts and real life.

2. I'm HTML illiterate. Working on backgrounds and fonts and re-sizing for me is like listening a somebody speaking a foreign language and paying very close attention so as to catch any familiar words I may know, and then working with that. It's kind of like-

Grandmother trying to teach me Spanish- "blahblahblahspanishtalkblahblahbano".
Me- Oh! OH! Bano! Bathroom! You're telling me something about the bathroom!*

So there's those concerns.

* I shit you not. Despite having one half of my family speak fluent Spanish (and after two years of Spanish classes in high school), this is the best I can do. I'm what is known as the "runt" of the family when it comes to absorbing languages. Although if you want to know how to make your grandmother blush in French, I'm your girl!


So I messed around with the html, like a moron, and this is what I got. I want the image that's behind the header to go throughout the page, like a background should, but it seems I'm stuck here. Help!


Miss Wendy said...

If I could help you I would, but HTML makes my head hurt. I like the background now though, I don't think it's too girly.

Awesome Alicia said...

changes - my all time fave david bowie song ever. period. listened to it a bazillion times as a kid. just a random tidbit.

as for your new background. cute. I love the pic of Jack - I think it really captures the essence of your blog: no shame. :)

and I agree about background being a tad too girly. I think it's the color. it's cool, but when I first saw it I was like, "whoa - Amanda and pink?! well, I guess it's more like a salmon...but still" it works though.

ll said...

Love me some change. And that pic is perfection. AWESOME.