Thursday, August 26, 2010

Because sometimes I get uppity about updating...

I haven't posted anything in a over a week, which for me is a bit weird. It usually comes down to three things- I don't have any inspiration (but will post fluff posts to compensate), I'm busy or I want to include pictures but haven't taken many, probably because I'm busy and uninspired. As of late all three of these things mixed themselves into a This Will Keep You From Blogging cocktail and knocked me off my ass. In a good way though. To update-

*I finally got a job!! I was hired at a nearby restaurant as a server, which I was pretty floored over as I have no serving experience. So I've been trying to memorize a menu chalk full of food I've never had or heard of before (I've had Indian food all of once in my life prior to getting this job), learning the restaurant layout, light bartending, holding heavy trays without toppling over (I lack any decent upper body strength) and smiling at people who don't plan on tipping you. It's challenging but I'm enjoying it so far. It's nice to get out of the house, interact with adults, get annoyed over things other than poop, tantrums and nap strikes and feel like you're contributing to the household (financially anyway, I know I contribute my ass off in other ways). This job also coincided with an H&M grand opening by us. I'll start working on uplifting the economy soon.

*Along with the job and child rearing, I'll be walking for a local designer during Tucson Fashion Week. I met her once so far and I've pretty much started cultivating a new girlcrush because she's super awesome and cute. Hopefully I'll have a lot of pics to upload on here as a result.

*I decided to rock a new hairstyle on my off time-

Presenting Amanderken: She Who Milkith Cows Coyly.

*I really want to do a couple style posts as I found a really cute Anthro dress at Buffalo for $22! And it was brand new, tags and everything still attached. It was like finding a unicorn. Also, see the aforementioned H&M opening.

Jack was a casualty of my H&M enthusiasm. I bought him this hat for $7. This picture doesn't really display it properly, but it was the best he could do given his attitude at that moment. He looks like he's the lead singer to a toddler ska band.

*Now that I have a job, my feelings that I pushed to the backburner about adopting a kitten have come back full force. I even did a "Cat Compatibility" assessment (shut up, don't judge me!) on Animal Planet and I got paired with this little guy-

The Abyssinian.
We'll see...

Oh! And I'm obsessed with this song. Wicked obsessed.

Aaaaand that's all I've got for right now.


Adriana said...

LOVE the hair, his hat is so cute, and congrats on the job!

Miss Wendy said...

Your hair is freaking awesome, and the caption of it made me laugh out loud. Lol if you will. At work, in front of my silently typing coworkers. You win.

Juli said...

Cute hair! And I LOVE the little kitty. Just be ready to clean up cat hair. It gets everywhere.

Chelsea said...

yea for new job and h&m opening by you and walking for a designer and cute hair!~

;) You're such a pretty little thing!

Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

Congrats on the new jobs! And lovin those braids babe! :)

P.S: I'm having a very cute giveaway come and check it out!