Thursday, July 8, 2010


I decided I'd post two of my favorite music videos of all time (they achieved this status due to the feeling they bring and leave behind, the visuals, the everything...). Hopefully they bring a smile to your lovely mugs as well in these dog days of summer.

This one makes me want to re-do my wedding. If I could I would decorate it in this fashion (tons of colors, paper lanterns, confetti, bohemia all around). I loved my wedding, but we planned it within two months, most of which were just making sure everybody got invitations in time, making sure we had food for our guests and making sure places were in line for lodging for those from out of town. We did it while sticking to a budget of $3,000. BUT, if we had more time to really sit on ideas and search out things so they were "just so" instead of "well, that works" (but then, nothing in our courtship, parenting career thus far or lives has ever been "just so") then it would have been very much like this video.

I'll do a "Wedding Re-do" post inspired by this video next. But for now I have another video-

I became bloody obsessed with this video after Rebecca at GGC posted it awhile ago and I still am. It makes me absolutely giddy and the song is superb. Even Jack is bewitched by it and bops his head and shimmies in his car seat every time it blares from our c.d. player in the car and screeches at us "again! again!" when it's over.

And here's why my morning rocked my ass off-

I suppose motherhood has left me rolling with a different sort of gang these days.

* Also, I apologize for my blog randomly cutting off a quarter of the videos I post. I don't know what the deal is with that.


Adriana said...

love that video!!

Chelsea said...

I have "70 million" on my running play list. love love love that song.

you've got great taste in music my friend!

happy friday!