Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I think I can, I think I can

I've been undertaking a very large task that I'd like to attribute to temporary insanity. A friend of mine sent me a link on Facebook insisting that we must absolutely get our asses up to Seattle for the 2010 Burlycon.

A convention of burlesque in one of my favorite cities? Sign me up! But wait...Seattle. Wouldn't that take, you know, air transport to get to? Yes. And convention tickets themselves, don't those cost money? Indeed. And aren't you currently jobless? You betcha. So how are you going to pull this off again?

But I'm done self defeating, if burlesque has taught me anything, it's been empowerment and I've DECIDED that I'll be going there in October. Tomorrow I'm dropping Jack off at my in-laws and pounding the pavement for jobs, applications in hand and maybe, maybe just a slight hint of cleavage because I fucking mean business...and because I'm pretty fascinated (as well as a few exclaiming friends) with my new post-birth control sweater babies. But that is neither here nor there...

I need to come up with about $1,000+ for round trip airfare for three (I'd be taking Jack and Greg) in about 3 1/2 months. It's gonna take some tears, some frustration, determination and some major wherewithal. It may also mean some lackluster blog posts, so I apologize if there's a lot more clothing/picture/doodad posts. Most of my energy will be going into this new endeavor, but I'm still going to try to make time for this one, as it is very dear to me. So, there you have it.

Currently my need to say "no" is being directed at this-

Urban Decay sent me a notice that their duo shadows are now $20. I heart Urban like no tomorrow. Their shadows pop and are of high quality, they don't test on animals and they actually last for a pretty long time.

Why must you taunt me UD.


You too Anthro! We can not keep seeing each other like this.


Adriana said...

you can do itttttttttt
sending encouragement your way!

Amanda said...

Thank you! I appreciate the encouragement.