Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Fondue

I'm kind of tired. Last night I sat on my hip the wrong way and pain went coursing down my leg and up in my sciatic nerves and hip/pelvic joints, something that hasn't been the same since Jack. Since I was a baby I've had hip bursitis or, in it's street name, "clicking hips." Sometimes things are fine and dandy, and other times I can barely move my lower half without feeling like my hip bones aren't in their places and my sciatic nerves get all touchy and they team up and gangbang me with pain. So I took an emergency Percocet I had stowed away for my IUD insertion and now I'm in post-painkiller groggy land. So pardon me as I bombard today's post with cool stuff I found on the interwebs!

A bed set I lurve. I'm kind of cuckoo for sheets. When Greg and I met he had these black and slate college boy sheets. The comforter was a curious suede type fabric and I hated them. One afternoon (when we were more serious) I went out while he was at school and I bought these really cool herringbone sheets at Urban Outfitters. They were semi-masculine enough for him and NOT black suede "hey wanna come back to my place" which appealed to me.

A book I want because everytime I see someone order a drink on Mad Men I think "I need to try that." I also liked the way my grandmother's eyes lit up when I mentioned the delicious "grasshopper" and she went on to tell me how back in the day the ladies used to have them as a treat, "but not too much when you were being the hostess." God, I love hearing stories of yesteryear.

A sweet summer dress (courtesy of Modcloth), that I'd pair with some wedges...

I'm still on the quest for a decent romper. This one *looks* perfect.

I'll never be over the white romantic top.

The puppy I want to smother with my face-

A Jack face (with panda cohort numero dos)-

And a song-

Have yourself a merry little Friday!


Mrs. Beer said...

I gotta say, when I read that you had "hip bursitis" I thought it said "hip biscuits". "Hip biscuits" sounds way cooler, I think you should start calling it "hip biscuits". Is that ok? PS. There's nothing quite like getting jacked up on pain meds and doing some online window shopping.... Kinda jealous. I hope you feel better soon my dearie

Amanda said...

Hmmm, I think I'm going to call them "hip biscuits" henceforth. Makes the pain slightly more tolerable.

Percocets are AMAZING. I know I sound like a junky when I wax poetic about them, but that's pretty much because they REALLY saved my ass after my unplanned c-section (I had been pushing for three hours beforehand so my entire body was so sore after the surgery I could barely move my arms). I couldn't hold Jack for more then five minutes. Then came the Perc's and started walking around, got discharged and they helped me work out as soon as I got clearance from the doc.

I wish a glass of vino did that...sigh.

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Oh my gosh... all those great pics. I'm dying! What a cute blog =-)

Awesome Alicia said...

love the dress. love love the shoes. and love love love the romper. great taste.

Paige Baker said...

I love all of these pictures! You have quite the eye. Also, your bnner. is. awesome. Just so you know.