Thursday, June 24, 2010

Behind the Blog

I kind of realized perhaps those that read this blog may not know much about me, on the superficial scale. You read my thoughts which are most definitely an extension of myself but perhaps you don't know what makes me tick and what makes me dance, so I've compiled a bit of a list so we can get to know each other better. Here's a bit about me.

Name- Amanda Sierra Martin. I used to be Amanda Nicole Sierra but once I got married I took the opportunity to get rid of a middle name I didn't like throughout my life (sorry mom and dad!) and bumped my maiden name to my middle. I wanted to keep that part of me intact. I got the best of both worlds- my husbands last name and the history of my maiden name.

Birthdate- March 1st, 1988. There are very few celebrities that share my birthday. The only one worth noting is Ron Howard. But there were a lot of early century composers born on March 1st. And on the opposite spectrum Justin Bieber (whom I'll acknowledge thanks to his sketches on SNL with Tina Fey, if you haven't seen them youtube that ish!) and that dumbass Ke$ha.

Fun Facts

* I'm a flaming liberal. I've figured this out by acknowledging my beliefs and the general feeling my stomach produces when in large groups of neo-conservatives (hint: it feels like burning). Pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, pro-green movement, PROBAMA!, etc etc. I've never wanted to throat punch somebody so hard until I was introduced to Sarah Palin, and I'd rather take a table corner to the crotch than have a discussion with her supporters. There I said it!

* But I'm not closed minded. I was raised by blue collared Republicans. A large part of both sides of my family are Republicans (I'm what's known as the black sheep or instead "crazy ass Amanda") so I get it. While my views generally end up on the opposite side of the spectrum that doesn't mean I can't get along and support my opposite equals. Just don't come at me with dumb shit. I'm talking to you Tea Baggers!

* I am sans religion at this point in my life. I was raised Mormon until I was 16 or so until I rebelled against the church by having an opinion, premarital sex and drinking copious amounts of caffeine. Now, if I absolutely had to classify myself as anything I think I'd have to say I'm agnostic. I just don't know and to be honest, I enjoy looking at the teachings of all religions and taking them for what they're worth. I also find comfort in the comfort others find in their religion. Reading Chelsea's or Emery's blog brings me a great appreciation for a religion not my own but appreciated. Seeing others lifted up be it through religion or other avenues lifts me up. I think we need that energy in the world.

*I'm a Spanish (well, Sierra is by definition a Spanish last name, but I believe my grandparents came from Mexico, my ancestors most likely from Spain) Swede, but I just fill in the "Hispanic" bubble in official forms. I've been very much interested in all facets of my heritage as of late. It's starting to show in my decor as I'm in love with all things Mexican kitsch (sugar skulls and luchadores) and Ikea.

*I have a hard time describing things. Be prepared to be slightly confused when I talk to you. For example, yesterday on the radio "Summer Breeze" came on and I REALLY dislike that song. When Greg asked me what was wrong, as alluded to by the constipated look on my face, I said "this song makes me think of being in a dusty antique shop with nothing cool to look at and the sales clerks all want to get the hell out of there. Like I'm breathing in dust and lead paint. This is a root canal to my ears. Please change it." I describe a lot of things in this fashion.

*That being said, I suppose the one thing I can be a bit snobbish about is music. Greg says I'm an "elitist", whereas I say I just don't like to be ear raped by bullshit.

*My hobbies are, but not limited to music listening and playlist making, Buffalo Exhchange spelunking, cooing over stuff I can't afford at the moment via and Modcloth, nostalgia searching, poetry and book reading*, eating A LOT, napping, going downtown with friends and soaking in the eclectic culture we're blessed with in Tucson and watching Mad Men.

* I suppose I can also be a book snob. I refuse to touch anything with a cover that is bright pink and/or emblazoned with the following- martini glasses, stilettos, chocolates, flowers, a mom pushing a stroller dressed to the nines, jewelry or satisfactory reviews from Cosmo magazine.

* I get really obsessed with certain foods at any given time which makes people ask if I'm pregnant again. I'm also a pasta and carb junkie. A part of me wishes I was related to Caroline on The Real Housewives of New Jersey just for the family dinners. I have expressed my desire for a third large Italian family to Greg. Or maybe just a lot of Carraba's gift cards.

* I'm afraid of the concept of zombies, aliens, and moving to the suburbs.

* I LOVE tattoos and am trying to work my way up to having both arms quarter sleeved eventually.

* I'm a cat AND dog person. Hell, I'm an animal person all around. I've had a large amount of pets in my life, all very different in species and personality. But one of my favorites were the four chinchillas that filled my room and life throughout my middle and high school years.

* I actually have a large amount of respect for Jenna Jameson. Check out her book, it's a pretty good read. I think people sell her far too short.

* I'm a ball buster. I think Bethenny Frankel and I would be instant BFF's. If you've ever watched "Bethenny Getting Married?" you've just gotten a glimpse of our relationship dynamic.

*I crave meat intensely on certain days of the month. It's like I'm a werewolf changing with the moon.

*My hands go numb when I laugh to much. I can't pick things up if I have a bad case of giggles.

*I hate being tickled, talked down to, anonymous comments, baseball hats on women, hot weather, people that don't use their blinkers, allergy season, and paying too much on car insurance.

*I hate also cherry "flavored" anything unless it's actual cherries. I'm very firm on this.

*I'm sorry almost half of these are food related.

* I'm a nerd for musicals. I probably know every line to Grease, Moulin Rouge, Chicago and Hair. I think the most embarrassing one is Hair and I apologize to the males in my life that I've made sit through it.

*Greg and I are opposites. He's a logical thinker and I run on emotions. He's a Leo and I'm a Pisces, which says A LOT. Fire and water. He's more zen and I'm more bohemian. When he wants to listen to classical music is when I most want to listen to the Sex Pistols. He likes being out in nature and the most outdoorsy I get is when I'm drunk on the patio or by the pool. Not that I don't like nature, it's just freaking hot here. Anyway, I think Jack will have an interesting childhood...

And I think that's pretty good for now. How about you guys? I'd love to see one of these on your blog.


Adriana said...

i love this post. its nice to learn more about totally doing this on my blog!

Molly said...

"I refuse to touch anything with a cover that is bright pink and/or emblazoned with the following- martini glasses, stilettos, chocolates, flowers, a mom pushing a stroller dressed to the nines, jewelry or satisfactory reviews from Cosmo magazine."

love. it.

Jessica said...

This was a cute idea! I copypcated it in my blog but I gave you credit :) Hope you're well!

Amanda said...

I'm glad some people enjoy my random musings. I find it's just easier to put them here than leave them jumbled in my head.

And I read your's Jessica and loved it!

I hope more people do this as well. It's really quite fun to read.

Chelsea said...

you're so cute amanda ;) after each of your bullet points, i had a comment to add, but now i've forgotten them all and instead, i said to myself "She's so cute!"

it's fun to read all of these little facts about you! <3

Juli said...

That was good. I laughed at the cherry flavored thing. I hate anything lemon or lime flavored unless it's the real thing. I love putting real lemon or lime juice on just about everything.