Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Flotsam, jetsam

The Martin household is still sick with whatever it is that's been on our backs for the last week+. Greg and Jack wake up hacking and grouchy and I wake up just plain grouchy because if you've ever dealt with a sick toddler while you yourself aren't feeling so hot, well, you know. You just know. That being said, those of you that know, could you send reinforcements? Are you getting this signal? S.O.S. Anyway, what has been coming out of their noses and lungs has been what has taken refuge in my dome piece and has now become a full fledged sinus infection. Every time I bend over or cough it's like a giant pressure/headache monster giving my head a hug.
So there's that. Since my head feels like a beetle laid eggs in it, and not the good beetle, not like the Paul McCartney Beatle, I decided to interbrowse at my favorite stores and play little games like "If I had to decorate my house in only an aesthetic derived from The Life Aquatic, how would it look" and "What Would I Wear/Bring to Coachella", to distract my head from my own head. Here's some of the by-product (the husband thinks I'm losing my mind)-

"Decorate In A Life Aquatic Theme"*

* I chose The Life Aquatic because it could very well be an aesthetic Greg and I would use for our house (once we buy) one day. We both have a strong love for the movie, Murray and the colors seen throughout the movie- light and turquoise blues, yellows, oranges and corals, etc. I'd kill to have Wes Anderson decorate my house. A girl can dream as big as she wants damnit!

Greg doesn't like the couch, but I chose it for it's color and how much it reminded me of the movie.

A doorknob

Among other things...

And in other news, I finally won the battle with The Pit. I'm tearing the sucker down at naptime since Jack no longer plays with it so much as he steals things I need (cell phone, toothbrush, car keys, etc) and throws them into it and since there's about 100 balls in there covering the aforementioned items up, I lose my mind trying to find them. And I may or may not have a celebratory drink over it's demise. You won the battle but you lost the war mofo! Moms always win. Period.

Here's a few songs-


Chelsea Robbins said...

perfect. I love the curtains and the couch. Too cute.

Probably one of my fav movies of all time! <3

Adriana said...

I am in love with the couch/rug/bed/curtains/everythinginthispost.

Amanda said...

It's all from Anthropologie. My unrequited love, since I can't afford much of their inventory, accept maybe the doorknob and pillow...

The narwhal print is from Etsy.

But ohhhh, if I had the dough, the places I'd go with Anthro.

*insert bongo beat*