Sunday, April 4, 2010

There will still be polka dots...

I decided to take pictures today. Because I woke up and the sun wouldn't quit. The flowers still bloomed. And though I had loved ones far away, I kept them in my mind and focused on the day in front of me. One that offered promise, light and lots and lots of tiny chocolate eggs. I wish you all a wonderful Easter as well.

Outfit Details
Dress, boots and shorts (under the dress)- Thrifted, Buffalo Exchange
Necklace- One of the many treasures my grandmother has lovingly bestowed upon me.

Jack wears- t-shirt, shorts and shoes- Target (I don't know what I'd do without Target...)

It's been a great week sharing outfits, blogs, etc with everybody who participated. And a huge thank you to Emery for hosting. Here's to a round three in the summer!


Maggie May said...

love the boots..yours
and the cheeks..his!

Christina said...

I am addicted to Target. And love your choice for today, especially the necklace!

Emery Jo said...

That necklace is beyond amazing!! what a treasure! :)

Patricia Snook said...

Cute dress! You're so summery.

You've got such an awesome blog over here!


Amanda said...

Thanks lovelies!

Patricia- Living in Tucson, AZ makes it necessary to dress for the summer about 300 days of the year. For some this is a dream, but I'm not much of a sun/heat lover so somewhere like England or Seattle really appeals to my heart...who wants to wear sweaters and scarves all the time.

Thanks for stopping by, your blog is quite awesome as well! And your Lookbook pics are gorgeous!

Leigh said...

That necklace is amazing!! Adore the look and the little one, yay for spring!