Monday, April 19, 2010

Man (and lady) Meat Monday

Since it's cloudy out and since Jack woke up at 2 a.m. and fell in and out of sleeping and whining/crying until 7, I decided to lessen the tired feeling in my eyes by giving them something hot to look at.

Greg and I were talking about celebrities with the in-laws over linner (lunch/dinner) yesterday afternoon. Who were our favorites, who we admire, who seems like a douchenozzle... I thought of my celeb crushes and decided it could very well be a blog post so here ya go-

The Men Folk-

Paul Rudd. Has this guy aged AT ALL since "Clueless"? I remember watching that and thinking, yep, when I go to college I'm going to find myself a boy just like that. He'll talk nerdy to me and we'll seduce each other with Radiohead songs. Well, I was sorta right. I met Greg during what would have been my "college years", he was a biomedical engineering major, and our first conversation consisted of a sentence that went along these lines- "yeah, I'm not religious, but I pray at the church of Thom Yorke." I suppose a part of me thinks Paul Rudd is hot BECAUSE I'd imagine him to be like Greg. Another part is because of his face and his movies.

Jason Shwartzman. I watch a lot of Wes Anderson movies, and I think he just grew on me. I sort of have a thing for semi-nerdy Jews. I'm not sure where exactly this originated but it explains my next dude-

"The Bear Jew". His real name is Eli Roth, I learned this after having to look it up on IMDB because I can't just go on calling him The Bear Jew like I have been since Inglorious Basterds came out.

Brandon Boyd of Incubus. Greg isn't to fond of this one, whatever his reasons may be. I think most husbands feel a little defensive/questionable when it comes to "rockstars". But what draws me to Brandon is the fact that he doesn't reek of "rockstar". He seems like a dude that just wants to surf and eat sushi and draw. But speaking of rockstars...

Jim Morrison. Yeah, so he's dead, so what. A musician with the heart of a poet. Why not? It could be that his music generally unleashes an inner sex kitten in me that is very much in disguise most of the day (Queens Of The Stone Age has a similar effect) and that I like, so does Greg.

The Ladies-

Maggie Gyllenhaal. Because she's REAL. She seems approachable and has a come hither quality that she doesn't over use. Plus I've seen her boobies in some of her movies and I'm glad somebody is representing boobs like mine. Refreshing.

Jennifer Connelly. Because she has brains AND beauty. Every movie I've seen her in I've thought "man, I want to be that lady!" Except for "Requiem For A Dream" for obvious reasons.

Salma Hayek. For representing the Latin ladies and her undeniably hot...talents. She oozes sex appeal without trying. She is spicy and felt I owed it to Greg to put her on here.

Zooey Deschanel (and everybody else I've posted about on my "Muse Of The Day" posts). She just has an "it" factor. You can't take your eyes off her and her style is impeccable. I often keep her (and various women in the 60's) in mind when I'm shopping. Greg is concerned that one day he's going to lose me to Zooey's lovely blue doe-eyes and we'll run away and become the next Indigo Girls. I'd kill to see her wedding photos (she married Ben Gibbard pretty recently)!

What are your celeb crushes? Any weird likes/dislikes?


Mrs. Beer said...

Did you by any chance see Jason Schwartzman's series that came out this past year on HBO called "Bored to Death"? It is REALLY funny. If you haven't seen it you should!!

Amanda said...

I haven't! We cancelled HBO/Starz awhile ago, so I'll have to Netflix it. I love "Cool Ethan" in Slackers. Everything he does just makes me laugh, it's really subtle but it works.

Valeria said...

Glad I happened upon your blog! I love Jason Schwartzman <3 He is wonderful in one of my favorite films, Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette.


Chelsea Robbins said...

I kind of really really fell in love with jason when I saw rushmore like a gazilion times.

He's dreamy. I really love adrian brody as well.

my girl crushes include but aren't limited to
Natalie Portman. V vs vendetta did it for me.